Kildwick Competition

Whilst we think what we do is great, Kildwick does have competition, and rightly so as having competition keeps us all focused on improving what we do for our customers.

Until Kildwick began making urine diverters (also known as urine separators) and toilets the only products available were from the following suppliers – each has their own strengths and limitations:

AirHead & NaturesHead

Kildwick Waterless Composting Toilets Kildwick Competition  The AirHead and NaturesHead are US-made and are very similar and so I’ll discuss them together. They both have a number of strengths and weaknesses.


  • Compact
  • Designed for rough use in yachts
  • Manual ‘Modesty’/’Fly Control’ Flap
  • Built in ventilation fan


  • Not very attractive
  • Small ‘poop hole’ making them harder to keep clean
  • Won’t stop urine overflowing onto the floor
  • Needs dismantling to empty the solids – the toilet was designed for light use during the hot season off US coastlines it was believed that the bucket would only need emptying once/season
  • Modesty flap hard to clean when soiled
  • Many hiding places for bugs & bacteria making it hard too keep clean
  • Plastics prone to staining

Both claim that their fans can desiccate (dry out) the solids. This may be true for fortnightly use at weekends in warm climates but is less likely to happen in a living-on-board situation and in more temperate climates. Kildwick toilets with fans and mixer buckets take the same controlled-airflow approach and could desiccate in the same way under the same conditions.


Kildwick Waterless Composting Toilets Kildwick Competition  Separett are a long-established Swedish company that specialise in toilets for the many off-grid situations found across Sweden and elsewhere.  The company claim that you don’t need to use cover material – and, in some cases, like with all other toilets (inc Kildwick) this is acceptable but you really need to have somewhere to set the solids aside for a long time to compost. Kildwick do not advise this even though our toilets would work fine with this approach.


  • More attractive than the AirHead and NaturesHead
  • Automatic ‘Modesty’/Fly-Control Flap
  • Automatic solids tank turning – helps even out solids level as it fills
  • Built-in ventilation fan
  • Full-sized Seat


  • No built-in urine tank making this unsuitable for mobile applications (Boats, RVs/Campervans etc)
  • Lots of hiding places for bugs and bacteria making it hard to keep clean
  • ‘Modesty’ / Fly-control flap makes it hard to drop toilet-paper or carbon cover material into it without applying pressure by hand to re-open it
  • Plastics more prone to staining
  • Small urine outlet from the separator leading to easy blockages
  • Urine pipe to rear prone to blocking with urine salts and hard to replace.
  • No option to divert the urine to an external larger tank or soak-pit


Kildwick Waterless Composting Toilets Kildwick Competition  Littlehouse design and manufacture lovely toilets using some of the Kildwick ‘Build-a-Loo’ components. Their toilets are wooden, square and very well made by Littlehouse owner, Martin and we are proud he has chosen our urine separators and 10L bottles. Martin even sells Kildwick toilets alongside his own and we plan to offer some exclusive colours via Littlehouse soon.  Littlehouse offers both self-contained ‘Capture’ models (bottle and bucket) and ‘Divert’ models that are designed for land use with external soak pits. Visit the Littlehouse site to see Martins lovely loos.


Kildwick Waterless Composting Toilets Kildwick Competition
Mid Oak Kildwick Kabin Composting Toilet

Kildwick are fortunate to be the ‘new kid on the block’ and so our designs took into account the many strengths and weaknesses of these other toilets to produce something so much better. Take a look at why our toilets aren’t just attractive but well designed and made:

First of all, take a look at the standard features of our toilets: [Standard Toilet Features]

To date Kildwick have introduced over 35 innovations – click this link to find out what they are: [Kildwick Innovations]

Many of those innovations have been directly driven by our desire to make the most hygienic toilet in the market (including against flush toilets!). [Why Kildwick Toilets are so Hygienic]

We have adopted and exploited specialist materials in our plastic solids & liquids tanks, in the gelcoat urine diverter and in the lining of the toilet base. Find out more: [Anti-Bacterial Materials]