Kildwick Innovations

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Since our foundation, we have strived to make compost toilets as accessible and pleasant to use & manage as more ‘regular’ toilets.

Kildwick Innovations:

As a team of people experienced in using more traditional off-grid toilets in domestic situations we wanted to create toilets that were not only highly functional but also stylish, durable and higher levels of hygiene that on other approaches. Here are just some of our innovations:

Monocoque Base

  • strong
  • no hiding places for bacterial or crawlies
  • reduced size
  • 100% leak-proof – prevents urine leaks in free-standing models from escape!
  • Options of flat or moulded surface
  • Non-leaching silver-ion based antibacterial materials with ten+ year life keeping the surface clean without the use of chemicals

World-class Urine Separator

Kildwick Klassic Urine Diverter
  • best capture allowing for the varying physiologies of men & women
  • stain-free high-shine surface which is easy to keep clean
  • Non-leaching silver-ion based antibacterial materials with ten+ year life keeping the surface clean without the use of chemicals.
  • Rear ‘drip-lip’ ensures any back flow urine goes into the solids tank where it’ll be soaked up by carbon cover.
  • Great looking
  • Great value option of glitter finish adding real glamour to your toilet. The glitter is underneath our signature high-shine anti-bacterial surface ensuring its just as easy to clean and remain hygienic as the white one.
  • Spout is tapered allowing for a wide range of external air internal fittings.

 Very Durable Anti-Bacterial Solids Tank

Kildwick Kube 23 with Lid
  • 23L capacity for optimum storage without being too heavy
  • Built-in handles designe to prevent ‘hiding’ places for faeces or bacteria
  • Non-leaching anti-bacterial plastic reduces need for nasty cleaning chemicals and adds to the safe use of the tank. Potency unaffected by scratches.
  • Breathable lid – allows you to set a tank aside for secondary compost whilst allowing some air to circulate

Durable Anti-bacterial 10L Urine Tank (for free-standing models)

Bottle designed for the job!
  • 10L is. an optimum capacity for ease of carrying and smell reduction
  • The same durable anti-bacterial plastic as used on the solids tank
    • Reduces bacterial build up inside
    • Helps to keep the outside safe to handle. Potency unaffected by scratches.
  • Heavy duty soft-grip carry handle makes carrying it a breeze
  • Wide mouth makes it fast to empty and allows for periodic interior cleaning

Mixer Tank Design Properly Engineered

Kube 23 Mixer Bucket
  • Based on standard anti-bacterial ‘Kube’ solids tank
  • Stainless steel and Delrin materials are optimal for the applicarion
  • Blade rather than bar and unique shape allows best mixing whilst allowing easier turning for longer as the bucket fills
  • 100% leak-proof technology to overcome problem with other manufacturers’ designs
  • Crank handle easily remove to allow solids emptying as easily as non-mixer bucket

Patent-Pending Modesty Flap

Printed disposable modesty flap
  • The modesty flap hides the solids tank contents until the flap is opened by the user when sat down.  The flap means that you don’t look at solids contents until you empty the toilet and guests don’t need to see anything or add carbon as you can do this later without see what they have ‘deposited’ – just turn the mixer handle, open the flap and then add cover material without any embarrassment.
  • Flap is disposable so if it does get soiled it’s easily removed and replaced.
    • Materials can be ‘kitchen towel’, A4/Letter printer paper or anything else you have access to.
    • Vinyl washable flap also available
    • You can even print your own message for guests
  • Manual flap control keeps it simple & reliable whilst avoid problems associated with other ‘automatic’ systems.

‘Versa-Vent II’ Ventilation System

Versa-Vent II
  • Single or multi-speed fans
  • Unique versatile ducting system allows for 32mm, 40mm or 50mm rigid or flexible ducting to suit your installation constraints/opportunities.
  • High-reliability fans keep you ventilated for years before replacing.
  • Ventilation ports & fans 100% compatible across all models
  • User-alterable fan position
  • Flexible or rigid ducting
  • ** New ISO standard pump-out to vent adaptor – reuse your pump-out skin fitting as an air vent (roof fittings only, not gunwhale)

‘Flex’ System Enables Switching Between Free-Standing and Soak-Pit Installations

Flex Option Fitted
  • If you need to switch between using an integrated bottle or urine diversion to the rear and onto a soak pit, the Kildwick ‘Flex’ system enables this switch with ease – especially useful for mobile homes (RVs, Tiny Houses etc)which have a ‘home’ base with soak pit but want to still use the toilet when travelling.

 Custom Seats

  • Many Kildwick ToiletsWe make our own toilet seats which are designed to prevent flies from gaining access to the contents below.
  • These seats are available in a number of colours (inc glitter), use stainless steel hardware and include a finger recess to make them easy to open.

Solids Tank Liners

100% Compostable, Sanitary-Printed Solids Tank Liners
  • First to Introduce Solids Tank Liners with Correct Printing and Instructions for use with domestic refuse.
  • Fit perfectly in our Kube-23 solids tanks and most other buckets up to 23L.

Carbon Filter – the Kildwick ‘Interceptor’

Activated carbon filter
  • First to introduce an activated carbon filter – properly designed to fit within the toilet so as to prevent any further use off limited bathroom space
  • Use of professional grade activated carbon designed especially to absorb residual toilet smells and remove excess humidity from the toilet base
  • Carbon granules user replaceable.