The history of Kildwick

Let’s move back in time together. 

In the UK some clever people tried hard to develop a robust composting toilet. A lot of time and research went into it and with the right amount of knowledge the team eventually created the well-known separator “Klassik”. Quickly the product and  the name “Kildwick” was known way beyond the borders of the island.

The team then set out to create the world's most beautiful and comfortable environmentally friendly composting toilet. 

Life is full of surprises. In early 2019, Kildwick's two major shareholders faced difficulties, causing the company to close down. This was not the end of Kildwick, but rather just the beginning of a new phase. 

Right at this time one of the last Kildwick separators made its way to Germany. More precisely to Leipzig, Saxony.

The German customer was Alex – a professional and private inventor and tinkerer, nature lover and traveller. He was currently working to build and renovate a camper van, to be more flexible during his travels. In addition, he wanted to install a dry composting toilet in his van, to be able to live a more sustainable and a self-sufficient life.

When Alex now realized the Kildwick company was not operating anymore, he and some friends quickly jumped at the opportunity and the rest.. so they say, is history. 

Why are we doing this?

Behind the company now stands a group of friends that is determined to create products that make a positive impact on the environment. Our goal is to design and manufacture eco-friendly loo's that are as beautiful as they are green. 

Water – the basis of all forms of life on this planet – is unfortunately not accessible to all human beings. While every person in Europe consumes over 40 litres of clean drinking water a day to flush their toilet, in other countries of the world clean drinking water is the most precious resource and not available. Absurd we think.

The issue of water scarcity does not only affect developing countries. Even in Europe more and more regions are affected. We believe there are many people that are concerned with our natural resources and they need better solutions. So we set out to create a revolutionary and practical waterless alternative to the traditional flush toilet. With our Kildwick dry composting toilets we give people greater freedom to live more sustainably whereever they are. 

Make good use of precious resources.

Human excreta actually contains very valuable substances when they are returned to the natural cycle. Both urine and human feces are excellent fertilizers or can be developed into one. Unfortunately, we don't have time for a false sense of shame anymore. We need to stop the unnecessary waste of water and resources now. It's time to open our minds and rethink this problem.

Simply by choosing a waterless toilet you can make a great contribution with little effort. But a composting toilet can even be a completely waste-free toilet system if you opt to compost your human excreta and consider a few facts such as high temperature and correct treatment. Composting as nature's circular economy.

All Kildwick products are designed and made in Germany. We choose to work with regional suppliers where we can. Our dry toilets have been tested extensively. Biodegradability, ecological balance, upcycling, recycling, resource conservation, protecting natural resources.. - for us, these are not just empty words, but guiding principles in our day to day work. 

If you choose a Kildwick product, you get way more than great quality. You become part of a community of likeminded people that believes they can make a difference, so that future generations find a world worth living in.

Your Team Kildwick