The history of Kildwick

Let’s move back in time together: In the UK some smart minds tried hard to develop a robust composting toilet. A lot of research, experiments, a big portion of endurance and of course the right amount of knowledge made it possible to create the separator “Klassik”. This product was able to spread the idea and name of “Kildwick” beyond the border of the island.

The main goal – to build the most environmentally friendly, most comfortable, cheapest and best looking composting toilet on this planet – was definitely reached by the inventors.

Life is full of surprises. In early 2019, Kildwick's two major shareholders faced difficulties, causing the company to close down. This was not the end of Kildwick, but rather just the beginning of a new phase. The revolution continues.

Right at this time one of the last Kildwick separators made its way to Germany. More precisely to Leipzig, Saxony.

The German customer was Alex – a professional and private inventor and tinkerer, moreover nature lover and traveller. He was currently working on a camper van, to be more flexible during his travels. In addition, he wanted to install a dry composting toilet in his van, to be able to live a more sustainable and a self-sufficient life.

His colleagues noticed these plans and so the separator was discussed by a lot of people and sparked great enthusiasm, because the Perato GmbH team was already thinking about its own solutions for dry composting toilets. This was something like an initial spark for the project. The team already working on their very own product series as they recognized that Kildwick Ltd. was struggling in the UK. This led to a lot of research and –to make a long story short – the takeover of Kildwick by Perato.

Why are we doing this?

The most important thing for us is to push forward the environmental thought: professional and private. To combine thriftiness, environmental compatibility and sustainability with comfort and… yes, also a certain claim to the design is the task we want to solve lots of passion.

Water – the basis of all forms of life on this planet – is unfortunately not accessible to all human beings. While every person in Europe consumes over 40 litres of drinking water a day for toilet use, in other countries of the world clean drinking water is an absolutely precious resource! However, the issue of water scarcity does not only affect developing countries, but also in Europe, more and more regions are struggling with this problem. That is why we aim to waste as little drinking water as possible. With our Kildwick dry composting toilets, we create a practical alternative that saves water and, beyond that, encourages rethinking!

Make good use of precious resources.

Our excrements, which are produced daily but which no one really likes to talk about, are actually valuable substances when they are returned to the natural cycle. Both urine and human feces are excellent fertilizers or can become such.  Unfortunately, with a false sense of shame we cannot stop the unnecessary waste of water and resources. It's time to finally rethink this problem.

That's why we want to make this topic socially acceptable. We will gladly show you how to achieve great results with little effort and how to close the recycling cycle sustainably.

All Kildwick products are designed to last long and have been tested extensively. Biodegradability, ecological balance, upcycling, recycling, resource conservation, environmental protection ... - for us, not just empty words, but guiding principles of our daily activities.

If you choose Kildwick products, you get way more than great quality. You automatically become part of a community that makes our planet a little bit better in order for future generations to find a world which is worth living in.

Poo like a king – or a queen.

Your Team Kildwick