Kildwick DIY Kit camping toilet EasyLoo with fan 5V

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Features at a glance:

  • rectangular housing made of birch plywood
  • robust 16 L container for solids
  • durable 9,5 L l canister for liquids
  • Kildwick separation insert "Klassik"
  • toilet seat and lid made of Bamboo
  • opening for optional fan insert
  • easily convertible to Divert / Capture

  • Separator

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The practical dry composting toilet even for smallest rooms

You can't get it any smaller and more practical! The Kildwick "EasyLoo" Composting Toilet is the smallest version of our sustainable and smart dry composting toilet systems. Even in the smallest van, camper or boat - there is a place for the EasyLoo.

The small rectangular wooden case is easily assembled. You only need a hammer. Wood glue and the matching galvanized nails are included. Due to the toothed construction of the housing and the use of glue and nails, our EasyLoo is a lightweight yet super stable. The separation insert is already glued with a wooden plate and thus extremely resilient. In our stress tests at 140 kg (308lb) neither the case nor the insert has been damaged! The wooden plate with the divider insert is connected to the housing with stainless steel hinges from the boat building. The corresponding threaded sleeves are already in the wood panels. Of course, the hinges are screwed on with stainless steel screws. With the urine separator and a container for solid waste, you ensure environmentally friendly and sustainable handling of leftovers. And you save our most important resource on earth: water.

Of course all holes in the housing are already prepared for the fan set. To install the fan you only need an 8mm wrench, a 4mm hex bit and a small screwdriver. Whether you install the fan right or left you decide yourself. The plate with the holes provided you have to install only left or right. So look for it.

The separator is divided into two sections. The front part directs the liquid into the canister below or, optionally, into a sewer pipe. The solid waste falls into a separate container with a compostable bag. And also in terms of design, the separator is thoughtfully designed: Thanks to its raised lip, nothing can go wrong or overflow. Our Kildwick separator "Klassik" for composting toilets is the best way to handle both businesses in separate ways.

Want to know how easy it is to assemble your EasyLoo? Then follow this link to the assembly instructions.

Or watch our video to see how it's done:

Further detailed instructions and templates for building up your composting toilet can be found on our support page.

You do not feel like building yourself. Click here for our completely finished and ready-to-use separation toilets.

Attention, cleaning instructions:

All our dividers are made of recyclable polystyrene. Please do not use aggressive cleaners such as "Chlorix", spirit, power cleaner or acidic, solvent-based cleaners. These can attack the surface of the Kildwick separation insert and can lead to damage (depending on the amount of solvent in the cleaner). We recommend ecological or biological cleaners, such as "beeta" beetroot cleaners. Simply spray the divider with it and wipe it out with a tissue, kitchen roll or our recyclable sponge cloth. You can also dispose it of immediately in the solid container.

Care instructions:

The housing of the EasyLoo separation toilet is made of birch plywood. We recommend to oil or varnish the housing inside and outside, as otherwise the wood ages quickly due to environmental influences. Changing humidity in winter and summer or a damp ground are possible influences. To make sure you enjoy your EasyLoo for a long time, we recommend that you varnish or oil again at the latest after two years.

More Information:

With the rectangular compost toilet made of wood, the solids can be separated from the urine - not only providing a noticeably better smell, but also an ecological balance. Because with Kildwick you save over 12,000 liters of drinking water annually, which are flushed away with any conventional toilet. And even better: The separately collected excrement can be processed on a compost pile and turned into valuable humus. Urine can also bediluted as a valuable fertilizer for your garden.
Environmental protection has to be experienced! With the Kildwick "EasyLoo" composting toilet you make a big difference: You save water, money and do not burden nature.

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5 from 5
Ein durchdachter Bausatz mit kleinen Besonderheiten

Wir haben den Bausatz als Gartentoilette bestellt. nach ca. 1,5 Stunden Aufbauzeit haben wir jetzt eine sehr schöne und funktionale Toilette.
Es gibt einige Besonderheiten, die man beachten sollte:

Versand: Der Bausatz mit Zubehör passt nicht in eine DHL Packstation und ist dann doch recht schwer.

Aufbau: Die Aufbauanleitung gibt es nur im Internet! Im Garten hatte ich keins. Ich es zwar auch so hinbekommen. Fast alle lasergeschnitten Teile passen nur in einer Richtung zusammen. Für die Platzhalter innen trifft das leider nicht zu, und ich musste prompt ein fast verleimtes Teil nochmal auseinandernehmen. Dabei konnte ich auch feststellen, dass das Ganze trotz geringer Wandstärken sehr stabil ist. Insgesamt ist der Aufbau recht leicht. Es wird geklebt und genagelt. Die Nagellöcher sind vorgebohrt und eine kleine Tube Leim ist dabei. Hat bei mir gut gereicht. Beim Lüfter sind lerider nur Torxschrauben dabei - kein Problem für mich, aber vermutlich hat nicht jeder einen passenden Torxschlüssel da. Die Aufbauanleitung spricht auch von Kreuzschlitz. Die Löcher für die Befestigung des Klodeckels sind nur im Holz vorgebohrt, man braucht unbedingt eine Bohrmaschine und einen passenden Bohrer um den Plastiküberzug zu durchbohren. Als Abluftrohr passt ein normales Abwasserrohr mit 50 mm Durchmesser.

Funktion: Alles passt gut zusammen und wirkt durchdacht. Die Behälter sind beide mit einem Deckel verschließbar und es gibt einen optional bestellbaren Geruchsverschluss für den Urinbehälter, der sehr empfehlenswert ist. Ich hätte mir noch eine Bedienungsanleitung zum Aufhängen neben der Toilette gewünscht, falls man mal Gäste hat, die noch nie eine Komposttoilette gesehen haben... Der Deckel schließt bei diesem Modell nicht dicht, aber ich habe bisher dank Lüfter keinen Geruch feststellen können. Der Lüfter ist zwar sehr klein aber auch sehr leise, entkoppelt. Das zusätzliche Solarzellenmodul funktioniert auch sehr gut.

., 22.03.2020
5 from 5
Worth the wait

I t took 3.5 weeks to arrive over here in the US and looked like someone used the box for a football - that is not Kildwicks fault. But I could not be happier with the product. Kildwick packaged the Loo very,very well and none of components were damaged. Each of pieces are precision cut and the wood is sanded - finish ready.

., 24.04.2020
5 from 5
Extremely well designed

I assembled my kit in just a few minutes, everything fit perfectly. Because it is for a sailboat, it will receive a good coat of epoxy resin to protect the wood. Nice product.

., 07.07.2020
5 from 5
Rundum genial

Der Zusammenbau (30min) ist absolut kein Problem und gut beschrieben (online).
Können das Produkt voll und ganz empfehlen

., 19.11.2020
5 from 5
Super duper loo!!!

Fantastic toilett for my rv! I am so happy to be able to have an easy to use and beautiful toilett that is good for out planet. I am not only saving alot of water, but I am nourishing the planet as my shit turns to awesomness as I go!!!🤩🧚‍♀️😉💪🏻🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴❤️❤️❤️Love it!!!!! Thank you!!!💩🤩🤘🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪

., 11.06.2021
Total entries: 5