MiniLoo DIY Kit camping toilet with fan 5V

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The facts

  • material: body kit: 8 mm birch plywood, untreated, laser-cut for precision; toilet set: birch plywood multiplex
  • dimensions (w x d x h):
    • 33.70 cm x 38.4 cm x 44.5 cm (depth measured with hinge included)
    • seat height: 42.5 cm
  • load-carrying capacity: toilet seat/body: up to 150 kg, lid: up to 100 kg
  • container emptying interval: urine canister ∅ 23 uses, solids tank max. 12 uses (important note: line the MiniLoo solids tank only with our 30 l bags. The 10 l bags are too small for this model!).
  • delivery contents: precision-cut wooden casing parts, separator insert, urine canister 9.5 l, solids tank 9.5 l, toilet seat, galvanized steel nails.

  • Separator

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The MiniLoo DIY dry toilet kit with fan 5V — keeps a lid on things

Lacking space doesn’t have to equal boring interiors. Hence, check out this small DIY camping toilet with fan 5V: it’s lid design makes the MiniLoo one with the body when closed - looking inconspicuous no matter the surroundings. 

And this model in particular has one more nifty feature: the 5V fan for dry toilets to stop the dry toilet from smelling.

The DIY dry toilet kit comes fully equipped with anything you need to easily build a dry composting toilet. All you need is a hammer and you’re good to go. True to the motto: Freedom awaits, now build it!

Why it’s special

Its nice looks that match any interiors aside, this small DIY camping toilet with fan 5V comes with a slew of practical features. As it’s always the case with our composting toilets, the MiniLoo covers all the bases (check out the features of the MiniLoo design here).

The 5V fan for dry toilets included in this kit comes with a series of benefits of its own:

  • Designed to stop DIY dry toilets from smelling - even the slightest odors 
  • Long runtimes, low power consumption and minimal noise level 
  • Powered easily using a USB plug, e.g. smartphone charger or mini solar cell – anywhere in the world
  • Maximum flexibility: 
    • mount it on the left or on the right side of the small DIY camping toilet with fan 5V
    • the connection ring of the outer stainless steel flange has a standard dimension of 50 mm (or 2 inches), so you can easily connect it with standard drain pipes

The 5V fan for DIY dry toilets can be easily retrofitted. If you are yet undecided whether you need a fan or not, you can order the MiniLoo without a fan – already assembled or as a DIY dry toilet kit — and upgrade later if odors occur and you need to stop the DIY dry toilet from smelling.

Check out the features in this short video:

Suitable for

  • Creative hobby crafters who want to build a dry composting toilet
  • Owners of mini campers, vans, boat, allotments, Tiny Houses, or kindergarten/ day care providers
  • Families with small children looking for a DIY dry toilet for their homes 
  • Dry toilet users who
    • can’t stand any unwelcome smell and need odor prevention or stop the DIY dry toilet from smelling
    • can’t or won’t connect the fan to a 12V mains supply 
  • want their composting toilet to double as an extra seat 
  • would like their toilet to blend seamlessly with the interior


Keep things eco-savvy by charging your 5V fan for dry toilets with the solar panel.

To prevent odors from developing out of the solids tank in the first place, use an adequate amount of cover material after each use. 

Unwanted odors from the urine canister are prevented by closing the urine drainage of the separator with the Spillguard Plug. However, this plug only functions as privacy screen and odor protection - not as leak protection.

The Stainless Steel Siphon or the Spillguard Kit — fitted between the separator and the urine container — provides leak and odor protection for bumpy roads.

Your small DIY camping toilet with fan 5V will be switching places regularly? Use our Leather Handles to move the MiniLoo comfortably from place to place.

One way or another: Top your small DIY camping toilet with fan 5V with the matching Seat Cushion – et voila, enjoy a comfy extra seat.

Cleaning and care instructions

In order to protect your MiniLoo from moisture, please varnish or oil the wooden parts at the beginning and repeat the treatment every two years. (It also allows for a lot of creative freedom when custom-painting your DIY dry toilet.)

To ensure the longevity of the containers and the insert, never use aggressive cleaners that contain acids or solvents. These can corrode and damage the surfaces, for example that of the polystyrene separator insert.

Instead, we encourage using our Beetroot Cleaner and our Compostable Sponge Cloth. Both are eco-alternatives to conventional cleaning products.

To keep your solids tank tidy for as long as possible, line it with our Compostable Solids Bag 30 l. (Important: the 10 l bags are too small for use with the MiniLoo!)

Questions & answers

Please find all assembly instructions and templates to build a dry composting toilet in our support section. For more helpful advice, check out the frequently asked questions.

And of course, you are very welcome to send your questions via e-mail to

By the way, we’re always delighted to see pictures of your customized MiniLoo with fan 5V  in your garden, van or tiny house, so please do share them with us!

Category: DIY Compost Toilets
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Shipping weight‍: 8,50 Kg
Product weight‍: 7,70 Kg
Dim. ( length × width × height )‍: 38,60 × 33,70 × 44,50 cm


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