Kildwick Klassik Urine Separator / Diverter for composting toilets white XL

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Features at a glance:

  • individually adaptable to installation dimensions
  • robust material
  • washable surface
  • different installation options
  • Fits all conventional toilet seats
  • perfectly fitting add-ons
  • material: made out of easily washable, recyclable polystyrene

Ultimate fitting flexibility for your composting toilet

The Kildwick Klassik XL is a unique urine separator thanks to its unbeatable fitting options. With a large plastic surface the XL diverter can be installed just as you require. A jigsaw with a coarse blade running at minimum speed will help you cut the panel with the integrated separator to the right size and shape. That´s something only Kildwick offers!
The heart of our dry composting toilets is, of course, the diverter, which reliably separates urine and faeces. This separator now known across the world is the result of years of development to ensure it works equally well for men and women. Everything is sure to end up in the right place. Thanks to its raised lip, virtually nothing can go the wrong way or overflow. And you can say goodbye to unnecessary water consumption, for everything stays nice and dry when you use a Kildwick separator.
The separator is divided into two sections. The front part directs liquid into the canister below or, alternatively (in the capture option) into a sewer pipe. Kildwick´s Klassik separator for composting toilets is your guarantee that everything goes its own way.
Made from high-quality, robust, yet recyclable polystyrene, the Kildwick urine separator has extremely smooth surfaces on both sides. Even without antibacterial additives, bacteria and germs don´t stand a chance because they´ve nothing to cling onto! This makes cleaning the Kildwick urine diverter child´s play.
Many of you will remember Kildwick Klassik separators made from fibreglass. They were already very good and caught on around the world, but they needed to be improved for environmental reasons. The advantages of our new diverters made out of polystyrene include:

  • Constant material thickness for simpler fitting
  • Smooth surfaces, easy cleaning
  • Completely recyclable due to the absence of fibreglass (classified as hazardous waste)
  • Flexible installation - can be cut to size

It all amounts to proven Kildwick quality with the utmost environmental protection. Any more questions? If so, you might find our blog article "Glass fibre vs. polystyrene" helpful.
Talking of flexible installation, the Kildwick Klassik diverter can be attached to your choice of panel material from above or below using screws or glue - it´s up to you. Using a sharp drill bit at a low speed, you can attach your Kildwick separator with screws. But if you´d rather use glue, we recommend high-quality flooring adhesive from a DIY store.
As far as the urine canister is concerned, if you don´t want to use a Kildwick urine tank and would rather use the Kildwick Klassik with a container you already have, no problem! All you need is a length of 1.5-inch hose and a hose clip to hold it in place - and you can direct your urine wherever you want. And to make sure your separator fits your DIY composting toilet perfectly, we´ll even give you a suitable sawing or cutting template. It´s all part of the Kildwick philosophy of anticipating what you need.
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Attention cleaning instructions:

All our dividers are made of recyclable polystyrene. Please do not use aggressive cleaners such as "Chlorix", spirit, power cleaner or acidic, solvent-based cleaners. These can attack the surface of the Kildwick separation insert and can lead to damage (depending on the amount of solvent in the cleaner). We recommend ecological or biological cleaners, such as "beeta" beetroot cleaners. Simply spray the divider with it and wipe it out with a tissue, kitchen roll or our recyclable sponge cloth. You can also dispose it of immediately in the solid container.

Our product video shows an overview of all variants of the Kildwick urine separator. 

And want to know how strong our Urine Separator is? Then watch this video. 

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    Colour‍: white
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    Dim. ( length × width × height )‍: 48,00 × 48,00 × 15,00 cm


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