Kildwick Stainless Steel Siphon

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  • Diameter: 70mm
  • Height: 75mm
  • Reliable urine drainage
  • Odour trap
  • Made completely from 0.8mm V2A stainless steel
  • Can be completely dismantled
  • Easy to clean inside and out
  • -inch flange so any standard hose or pipe system can be attached
  • No leakage up to an incline of 40
  • Suitable for all urine diverters/separators with a urine outlet up to 60mm across
  • Very easy to install

Steely reliability thanks to the Kildwick stainless steel siphon.

Introducing another innovative product from Kildwick: the stainless steel siphon. As well as being a perfect addition to our urine diverters if used with an external urine canister or something similar, it’s also a superb odour trap.

The urine outlet of the diverter fits the siphon perfectly. No permanent connection is required between the stainless steel siphon and the diverter. This enables the diverter to be removed and thoroughly cleaned at any time. It makes previous impractical solutions – such as a direct hose connection on the urine diverter – a thing of the past.

After two or three days, urine begins to smell as it decomposes. Without an odour trap, the stench of urine will rise unhindered from your canister back into the dry toilet. Having a siphon blocks this movement – and so your toilet won’t be smelly.

Although the liquid inside the Kildwick siphon is also urine, as long as your toilet is used several times a day, it’s always fresh urine and therefore won’t smell. If you’re not going to be using your urine-diverting dry toilet for an extended period, flush it after final use with at least 200ml of fresh water so that the remaining urine in the siphon is displaced and flows into the tank.

Let’s have a look at the technical details, the design of our siphon, and where it can be used.


The Kildwick siphon is made entirely out of 0.8mm V2A stainless steel. Moreover, it can be completely dismantled into its individual components by loosening a single screw. This ingenious feature allows the siphon to be cleaned on the inside to remove deposits such as urine scale – and isn’t available on most other models.

The siphon largely consists of a cup (the lower section), a funnel (the upper section) and a hair sieve. A -inch flange is welded to the cup into which any standard -inch fitting can be screwed. The scope of delivery also includes a -inch hose fitting. Thanks to these flexible threads, almost any fitting with a -inch thread can be attached, including copper pipes, aluminium composite pipes, and just about any other system. This is a big advantage over other siphons on the market which can only be used with pipes.

The connection fitting on the siphon has two flat surfaces that make it easier for you to keep things stable when screwing a fitting to the flange with a 26mm spanner. We strongly recommend using this method as the flange’s weld seam isn’t designed to withstand the torsional load when screwing in a fitting.

The funnel acts as a receiver for the urine from the front of the diverter and – once the siphon has been fitted – is positioned about 5mm below the diverter’s urine drain. An O-ring is attached to the outside of the funnel. This serves as a centring device when the funnel is inserted into the cup, and also doubles up as a reliable odour trap. If you use the siphon in, say, a caravan or campervan, the O-ring prevents urine from leaking out through the small gap between the cup and the funnel while on the move. Even so, keep in mind that the principle of a siphon means it can’t provide a 100% seal, so avoid wild manoeuvring when driving!

The siphon is designed to prevent urine from escaping up to an incline of 40 degrees, so it’ll keep working properly even in off-road vehicles. Note that if this angle is exceeded, droplets may still escape through the O-ring.


Mind you, the Kildwick stainless steel siphon isn’t just suitable for use in off-road vehicles. It can also drain urine reliably and odourlessly on allotments, in second homes and houseboats – for example into an external tank or a constructed wetland.

Furthermore, our siphon is distinguished by its robust, durable construction. Thanks to its simple design and the use of stainless steel, it’ll last for many years. In addition, the Kildwick stainless steel siphon is suitable for all urine diverters with an outlet diameter of 60mm and is therefore not tied to any specific brand.

If you’d like to find out how to fit the Kildwick stainless steel siphon, check out the installation instructions here.

And if you don’t have a suitable urine diverter for your siphon yet, learn more about Kildwick separators here.

Scope of delivery

  • The siphon consists of a funnel, cup, hair sieve and screw
  • Mounting bracket
  • Cap nut and washer
  • Hose fitting for -inch hoses
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Very solidly built siphon

This arrived a few days ago and I am more than happy with the quality of workmanship. It is a nice, heavy and solid siphon. We plan to install it in our RV and connect it to our Simploo toilet (arriving any day now). Ill update this review once its installed.

., 12.09.2020
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