Stainless Steel Siphon

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The facts

  • material: V2A stainless steel (0,8 mm)
  • dimensions (B x T x H): 7,00 x 9,00 x 7,70 cm
  • delivery contents: fully assembled siphon (funnel, cup, fine sieve), complete with mounting bracket, acorn nut, ring washer and hose fitting (for a 3/4 inch hose)

The Stainless Steel Siphon — safe, sound and leak-proof

This dry toilet equipment made of stainless steel provides leak and odor protection for your odorless eco-toilet.

It smoothly complements the urine diverter of your source separation toilet and guides the liquids safely into the container, making the toilet spill-proof for up to a 40 degree angle.

The siphon reduces oxygen exposure and thus, slows down odor development. 

Not enough reason to convince you of this composting toilet odor control? Let us put more benefits in the balance.

Why it’s special

All the good stuff:

  • Easy to install, built to last
  • Effortless mount using the mounting bracket
  • Siphon cup can be connected with any hose/ pipe system with a 1/2 flange
  • Easy to hold when screwing a fitting into the flange (with open-end wrench size 26) thanks to two straight surfaces on the connection fitting of the siphon cup
  • No fixed connection between the urine separator and the siphon is necessary 
  • Making the siphon easy to remove and to clean
  • An O-ring on the outside of the funnel kills two proverbial birds with one stone: 
    • The urine can’t leak through the small gap between the cup and the funnel 
    • Oxygen can’t enter the container – this slows down and reduces the odor development 
  • Will fit most separators with a 60 mm drain diameter

Suitable for

  • PiccoLoo owners who can’t install the Spillguard
  • Dry toilet users who
    • look for a good leak and composting toilet odor control.
    • divert their liquid waste into an external collection system. 
    • need a Spillguard alternative.
    • experience bumpy roads with their vans.
    • whose composting toilet smells bad.
    • own a separator from another brand (must have a 60 mm drain diameter).


You’d like to mount your siphon between a separator and a urine container from Kildwick? Look no further than here for Urine Container 5 l and 9.5 l and here for the Separators.

All the safety measures, and still: your composting toilet smells bad? Consider our 5V or 12V fan to enjoy a completely odorless eco-toilet.

Another useful dry toilet equipment: The 5V Fan Kit can even be charged using the Solar panel.

Cleaning and care instructions

Very easy to clean it from the outside and from the inside: Disassemble the siphon easily by loosening a single screw – and clean its individual parts.

This is especially important when your dry toilet wasn’t not used for a longer period of time. For while there is only fresh, odorless urine in the siphon when the toilet is regularly used, deposits can form once the toilet gets some downtime. 

To spare yourself a costly cleaning, just rinse it in time with a little water. The remaining urine will wash off – no chance for deposits and unwanted odors. 

For cleaning, we recommend our Beetroot Cleaner and our Compostable Sponge Cloth. Both are eco-alternatives to conventional cleaning products.

Important: Although the siphon is the ideal composting toilet odor control, it can’t offer a 100% leak protection for your dry separation toilet. At angles that exceed 40 degrees, liquids can trickle through the O-ring.

Our Spillguard Kit on the other hand offers both - odor and leak protection (for those, who are able to install it, e.g. NOT PiccoLoo owners.) This dry toilet equipment combines an odorless eco-toilet with completely dry interieur and surroundings.

Questions & answers

You need information on the exact assembly steps for your siphon? Check out the installation instructions here.

More questions still? We’ve compiled further information in our support section and in the FAQ.

And of course, you are very welcome to send your questions via e-mail to

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Product weight‍: 0,35 Kg
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4 from 5
Very solidly built siphon

This arrived a few days ago and I am more than happy with the quality of workmanship. It is a nice, heavy and solid siphon. We plan to install it in our RV and connect it to our Simploo toilet (arriving any day now). Ill update this review once its installed.

., 12.09.2020
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