Kildwick Urine Container 9.5 l

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Kildwick EasyLoo Urine Container

The Container is a specially designed container for our Kildwick EasyLoo composting toilets.

The Container has the following features:

  • 9,5L (2.5 US gallons) optimum size for useful capacity and transport
  • durable plastic, safer to handle, slows down the development of odors
  • reduces the accumulation of biofilms inside and out.
  • sturdy carrying handle, easy to carry and empty
  • big opening - empties in a few moments - without problems 
  • perfectly expandable with Kildwick Spillguard Kit

Kildwick´s urine tank is a durable, leak-proof buddy for your composting toilet. It has a capacity of 9.5 litres, which is sufficient for two or three days when used by two people.
The canister can be completely emptied. And thanks to the screw cap with an integrated rubber seal, it´s airtight and insect-proof when closed. The neat ribbing on the edge of the lid makes opening and closing the urine tank effortless.

The canister comes with a sturdy handle, so it´s easy to remove the urine container from your Kildwick composting toilet, carry it and empty it. The extra-wide opening allows the interior to be easily cleaned by hand. And the rounded corners and smooth surface ensure that bacteria and deposits can´t accumulate.
The plastic material used is impact-proof and extremely stable. It´s also resistant to changes in temperature and weathering. And since it´s made from food-safe plastic, Kildwick´s urine container is thoroughly resilient to most oils, fats, acids and alkalis.
The translucent colouring of the urine tank is an ingenious design touch which allows the level to be checked without exposing the contents to the world!
An integrated connection thread enables a drain cock to be retrofitted. As both sides of the Kildwick urine tank are the same, a drain cock can be installed on either the left or the right side. We think that´s very resourceful!

What´s more, the Kildwick urine tank is made of recyclable plastic. Although we can´t completely eliminate plastic from our products, we´re committed to circularity and support the reuse of raw materials. That´s why we make sure our products can be returned to the material cycle. May we count on your help?

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Artur Wernig

Passt bestens

., 19.05.2020
5 from 5

Both the separator and this container fit well in our existing set-up. The larger capacity and stability of this over any other container we tried makes the process simple. Having a few so I can sun-deodorize is convenient. I altered pouring the contents on the leaf mould pile or diluted onto the garden.

., 14.09.2020
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