Kildwick camping toilet DIY kit without casing 16l

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Features at a glance:

  • Kildwick Kompact, Klassik or Klassik XL divider
  • Divider in black or white
  • durable 9.5 l urine canister
  • robust 16 l solids container
  • Template for sawing

  • Separator
  • colour Separator

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DIY kit with unlimited design freedom!

With Kildwick´s ´do it yourself´ kit, you can design and decorate your composting toilet just as you want! Whether it´s used in a motorhome or a caravan, on a boat, in a tiny house, apartment or summerhouse, you yourself can decide exactly what your sustainable toilet looks like. The only components which are hard and fast are the urine separator and the two canisters.
You might decide to build a freestanding wooden cabinet, or alternatively you might prefer to install your composting toilet in the corner of the room. It´s totally up to you!
Our set contains only the main parts which are essential: the separator (aka the diverter), a urine canister and a faeces container, and a template to help you cut the right-size hole in your baseplate.
If you opt for the Klassik XL separator, we recommend fixing it to a sawn wooden board to ensure stability. Use high-quality flooring adhesive from your DIY store.
The heart of the dry composting toilet is, of course, the diverter, which reliably separates urine and faeces. Kildwick´s separator now known across the world is the result of years of development to ensure it works equally well for men and women. Everything is sure to end up in the right place. Thanks to the separator´s raised lip, virtually nothing can go the wrong way or overflow. And you can say goodbye to unnecessary water consumption, for everything stays nice and dry when you use a Kildwick separator.
The urine separator is divided into two sections. The front part directs liquid into the canister below or, alternatively (in the capture option) into a sewer pipe. Kildwick´s Klassik separator for composting toilets is your guarantee that everything goes its own way.

Cleaning instructions:
All our separators are made from recyclable polystyrene. Please don´t use aggressive detergents, scouring powder, turpentine, or other acidic, solvent-based cleaners on Kildwick separators. Depending on the amount of solvent they contain, they could damage the surface, ruining its smoothness. Instead, we categorically recommend ecological or biological detergents such as beeta made from beetroot. Simply spray it on the separator and then wipe it down with a tissue, a piece of kitchen paper, or our recyclable sponge cloth. By the way, once the reusable sponge cloth has finally passed its cleaning peak, just pop it in the solids container. That´ll save a walk to the dustbin!

If you´d like to find out how to fit a Kildwick urine separator, see our brief instructions.
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Or would you prefer one without the DIY? Then check out our ready-made composting toilets!

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Definitely a top notch product and company.

I was looking for composting toilets . my schoolbus conversion friends told me about this company. The purchase of the product was easy and i recieved the product fast. Within a few days of ordering. Top quality product ans company. I will be spreading the word on kildwick .

., 04.02.2020
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Quality product

Just received my order of the kit without case. Very happy with my purchase. I ordered just as Covid was interrupting transcontinental travel and shipping and I expected a long delay, but it’s here. This was a very thoughtful purchase as I was looking at many different options, but this is the right one for me. Looking forward to camping season in my rv.

., 11.04.2020
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Sehr Zufrieden

gute Verarbeitung, geade der Einsatz mit 4mm Stärke macht einen soliden

., 29.07.2020
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Das Material ist sehr gut und die Weiterverarbeitung damit Kinderleicht.

., 31.03.2021
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