Kildwick – Let’s move on!

How everything started

The idea of Kildwick was born a couple of years ago in the English county North Yorkshire. The inventor and “father” of the project: Colin. He had the ambitious goal to kick out the usual chemical cassette toilets used in boats, campers and vans, and replace them with waterless, newly defined composting toilets. All that without losing sight of design and technology.

Colin, some customers already named him the “Steve Jobs of composting toilets”, set an absolute benchmark with his innovations in the field of waterless composting toilets. Kildwick stands for the best products made with attention to detail and was also able to place itself on the British market and even abroad!

And this is exactly how we, the team of Perato GmbH Germany – all passionate campers, found Kildwick. We started renovating and constructing a camper van – of course including a toilet. The brand “Thetford” was not an option due to environmental issues. So the decision could only be made between three companies: Separette, Airhead and Kildwick. Optically, technically and – to be honest – emotionally we got attached to the “Kildwick Klassic Seperator”. But when we decided to order this one for our camper, it was no longer available.

Island turbulences

A German merchant informed us that Kildwick went bankrupt. Our research for alternatives on the web was unsuccessful. The thought of losing Kildwick Ltd. including its innovation, ideas and products was the worst thing imaginable to us .

So we had this idea:

Since the very beginning of Perato GmbH it has been our daily work to find solutions. We´re constantly tinkering, puzzling and optimizing to build the best prototypes and individual products for our customers. An easy-going team with a huge affinity for camping – who else would be able to push forward this idea and  philosophy? We decided to contact the liquidator, made our offer to take over the brand “Kildwick” and luckily won the bid.

Headquarter moving to European mainland

NOW we are Kildwick – faster than we thought.

It´s not an easy legacy for us because Kildwick´s position on the market was made clear:

“Kildwick is designing and producing the most hygienic, most elegant and best working waterless composting toilets in the world – offering a sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional water closets.”

This is exactly the philosophy we are following. We want to give our very best, adding all the know-how and energy we have, to fulfil the ambitious goals Colin defined so precisely some years ago.

The takeover and change of headquarters to Germany could possibly lead to a more “bumpy launch” of the brand in the next few weeks. And of course, the “new” Kildwick will not be the same as the “old” one. But rest assured that we will offer a real, authentic, sustainable alternative to all the people out there who are looking for a waterless composting toilet á la Kildwick. Including optimization.

Our shop will launch with a smaller stock at first – giving you all the basic options. The development of the “new” Kildwick is in progress right now and just about to launch. Our offerings will grow step by step in the near future.

We are looking forward to new adventures, “old” customers, friends who are looking at Kildwick the same way we do and all the people who we are trying to convince of our ideas.

Lets go for it!


Team Kildwick