Kildwick – worldwide

The world belongs to the courageous

Here is a map of countries where we have already delivered our Kildwick products. Our dry-cleaning toilets are already being used successfully everywhere.

Our goal? Quite immodest, but for a good cause: We want to be represented in the not too distant future around the world, save countless liters of water with our customers and convince many people of the effectiveness and necessity of our composting toilets.

Sounds like the beginning of an exciting story? Right! And you are already part of it ...

Kildwick (Headquarters)
Perato GmbH
Haferkornstrasse 15
04129 Leipzig
Telephone: +49 341 355 21 876
Fax: +49 341 21 551 50

Kildwick Office UK
Bethel Hall Business Centre
East Morton
BD20 5UE
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 113 833 0844