Urine Separator

Separators for Kildwick composting toilets


One to suit everyone!

At the heart of your new composting, dry separating or camping toilet is obviously the separator. In our range of separators (also known as diverters), you´ll find just the one that suits you and your needs. Choose from our space-saving Kompact design, the internationally popular Kildwick Klassik, or the Kildwick Klassik XL for a bit more space. Black or white? Again, its your choice!
Full details of the individual separators are contained in the relevant product descriptions.

Flexible? That´s us!

Kildwick urine separators can be fitted from above or below. Whether you screw your diverter or glue it in place is totally up to you.
Use a Kildwick separator to build your own individual composting toilet yourself - for your allotment, tiny house, mobile home, or wherever you want to put your eco-friendly camping toilet. You can use urine and faeces canisters of your choice or alternatively easily divert your ´output´ to external containers or some other waste disposal system. The urine separator´s outlet has the standard, practical diameter of 1.5 inches used everywhere. All you need is a length of 1.5-inch hose from the DIY store and a hose clip to hold it in place - and you can direct your urine wherever you want.
But despite being easy to fit and simple to use, Kildwick separators are incredibly stable as they´re made of solid polystyrene. We´ve tested our separators´ stability extensively and even made a video about it.

Smooth operator

Thanks to Kildwick´s new production method involving recyclable polystyrene, our new separators come with a fantastically smooth surface on both top and bottom. In fact, they´re so smooth that bacteria and germs have nothing to cling onto - and hence nowhere to breed. And cleaning Kildwick´s separators is just a smooth - they can be wiped as clean as a whistle in next to no time.

If you have any questions about our products, just send a friendly hello to hello@kildwick.com – we´re here to help you!