Waxxi - the beeswax cloth "strawberry" L (12,59 x 12,59 ")

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Features at a glance:

  • fantastic alternative to plastic packaging
  • can be reused for years
  • fully compostable
  • Keeps food fresh longer
  • Lovingly handcrafted
  • without any plasticizers, colorants or preservatives whatsoever

  • Size


Kildwick: We´re waxing lyrical about Waxxi!

We´re delighted to announce another great collaboration with a small local supplier who attaches great importance to sustainability. Proudly presenting Waxxi - the beeswax cloth!
So why do you need Waxxi? In a nutshell, Beeswax cloths are the sustainable alternative when it comes to keeping food fresh. This is because they combine many excellent properties that you won´t find in aluminium foil or clingfilm. And as well as being extremely useful in your kitchen, Waxxi cloths are also a reliable aid for food on the go.
Waxxi beeswax cloths are natural, reusable, antibacterial, washable, breathable, and consist entirely of renewable raw materials. Once a Waxxi cloth has finally reached the end of its natural lifespan, you can put it in the compost or even bury it in the garden, where it will completely decompose in the soil.

Waxxi cloths are made from 100% Bioland beeswax as well as cotton, pine resin and organic coconut oil: nothing but these four ingredients. This means that you can wrap food using a totally natural substance without any plasticizers, colorants or preservatives whatsoever.
Functions and use Waxxi beeswax cloths keep food fresh and stop it from perishing. They can be used to cover up leftovers, protect frozen food, and wrap up sandwiches. Beeswax is a natural preservative that keeps food fresh longer than baking foil or plastic wrap. Furthermore, wax cloth is water-repellent and can be shaped merely with the warmth of your hands, enabling it to stick reliably to itself and to other surfaces. Meanwhile, the pine resin makes the cloth flexible and durable. Simply wrap up an item, place it on your hand for a few seconds - and that´s it! But bear in mind that Waxxi shouldn´t be used for raw meat or fish. Moreover, it´s not suitable for high temperatures such as in ovens, microwaves or dishwashers.

Two practical sizes:

Waxxi beeswax cloths in size M (9,84 x 9,84 ") are particularly suitable for covering up small plates and bowls, wrapping cheese and fruit, and for sandwiches and rolls for your lunchbreak.
Waxxis in size L (12,59 x 12,59 ") can be used for example to cover large bowls or saucepans, pack a bunch of grapes or carrots, or wrap up a loaf of bread weighing 500 grams (over a pound). Of course, what you wrap or cover up with your Waxxis is entirely up to you!
Every single cloth is handcrafted in the Waxxi workshop in Leipzig and is therefore unique. The different types of fabric decor used are produced especially for Kildwick and aren´t available anywhere else. Only a limited quantity of each design is available, so make sure you get your favourite pattern quickly!
Once you´ve tried Waxxis, you won´t want to do without these colourful cloths in your kitchen ever again. Practical, long-lasting, user-friendly and absolutely environmentally sound, these fabulous fun creations are bound to put you in a good mood! And last but not least, you´ll be helping our planet by cutting out a great deal of unnecessary plastic waste.

Care and storage:

If looked after properly, organic beeswax cloths last for a good few years. Waxxis can be cleaned with cold water; if necessary, you can also apply a mild detergent without alcohol. Before you use them again, allow them to dry in the air or wipe them carefully with a towel. Waxxis like to be treated nice and gently, so when you´re washing and drying them, resist the temptation to twist them or screw them up into a ball! And please don´t dry them on the radiator or in the tumble dryer. Remember these simple rules and your beeswax cloths will serve you reliably for years to come!

Waxxi – let´s get wrapping!

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