Kildwick’s Founders

Kildwick’s founders were Maria Matthews and Colin Ives who started developing and making separators in January 2015.  Sales quickly went global and during that time they manufactured toilets to custom demands whilst looking for a way to make their own ‘products’ which would surpassed the form and function of existing toilets.

Kildwick Waterless Composting Toilets Kildwick's Founders
The Kildwick Lead Team

Kildwick started in the small North Yorkshire village of Kildwick from where it took the name. The first manufacturing facility was literally a lean-to in the wood nest to the mooring which was upgraded to a large ex-military tent in early 2016 and

then an industrial unit in nearby Skipton mid 2016 where we are still.

Colin Ives

Colin is a product engineer with over thirty years design and development experience in the medical and avionics industries. In 2001, Colin started living ‘off-grid’ with his partner, Maria Matthews, in a 60′ narrowboat.   Subsequently they have had, and brought-up, two children off-grid eventually moving into an old former-working barge (built 1933) in 2003.  Colin’s focus is, clearly, on product development.

Maria Matthews

Kildwick Waterless Composting Toilets Kildwick's Founders
Where Kildwick Began

Maria is a ‘creative’ with years of design experience in fashion and haute-couture – shifting her design skills to food in 2007 when she opened a (what became an award-winning) specialist restaurant serving veggie, vegan and wheat-free food.  Maria’s focus is on product styling and business management with some production.

Brett Selby

Brett joined Kildwick’s founders later in 2016 with a focus on improving product quality and manufacturability. Brett spent years on the road managing worldwide band tours and making sure equipment was kept running under difficult conditions. Brett’s experience in guitar-repair/rebuild in demanding situations has brought many useful skills to the team along with fantastic contributions to the product development process. Brett lives off-grid with his partner in Yorkshire.

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