beeta - environmentally sustainable hand soap

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beeta - environmentally sustainable hand soap

Do you want to wash your hands in innocence? Great! Then beeta environmentally sustainable hand soap is exactly your kind of product! Our liquid hand soap is devoted to the nourishing cleansing of sensitive skin. All ingredients have been specially selected for irritated and allergy-ridden hands, but also score points across the board.

  • gentle cleaning of dirty hands without attacking the acid mantle of the skin
  • regenerating and moisturizing components protect your skin from drying out and brittleness
  • good skin compatibility, especially suitable for allergy sufferers
  • pleasant berry-fresh scent
  • 100% vegan, effective via pure herbal surfactants
  • excellent biodegradability
  • produced without animal testing
  • without preservatives
  • free of petroleum-based substances
  • free of genetically engineered enzymes
  • produced traditionally in Germany

beeta liquid soap

Did you know our largest organ is the skin? And since harmful substances can be absorbed through the skin, you should always be very careful about what you put on it.
When using beeta liquid hand soap, though, there´s definitely no need to worry! beeta soap is distinguished by its purely natural ingredients and delicate fragrance. In fact, your skin will love it! As well as reliably cleansing your hands, the pleasant velvety foam also protects and cares for them.
Mind you, it´s not just your hands that´ll be clean when you wash them with beeta, our ecological hand soap. Your conscience will be clean, too, at least as far as the environment is concerned! All beeta products are genuine ecological alternatives - which are also extremely economical.
Why is beeta hand soap so effective? The secret lies in the constituents of the beetroot used to make it. Beetroot might not seem especially sexy, but it´s high in oxalic acid, a substance which occurs naturally in numerous herbs and vegetables. The reliable cleansing effect of this natural acid isn´t as well known as that of citric acid, but it´s being increasingly used in all sorts of applications. And in beeta liquid soap, beetroot´s cleaning powers are enhanced by the addition of natural surfactants such as sugar surfactants. You can rest assured that your skin will be made to glow by purely natural skin care additives.
By the way, our cleaning products don´t stain. Although beetroot juice normally causes stains, this effect is neutralized by organic acids.
Our beeta cleaning agents are produced using sustainable principles combining excellent cleaning power with high ecological standards. No ecotoxicologically harmful ingredients whatsoever are added. The beetroot used in beeta detergents comes from an organic farm in north-east Germany.

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Directions for use:

Take a portion of soap from the dispenser, apply it to the skin, foam with water, and then wash, rinse and dry your hands as normal.


Although beeta cleaning agents are made entirely out of natural ingredients, never allow them to fall into the hands of unattended children. Always keep cleaning products out of the reach of children and pets. Avoid contact with mucous membranes and eyes, and do not swallow. Using these products economically is another way to help the environment.

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Gute Reinigungskraft, angenehmer Geruch

bio - / Öko Aspekte kann ich nicht bewerten.
Werde es wieder kaufen.

., 23.05.2020
5 from 5
Quality soap!

We really like how this soap feels, smells and cleans and wish it were available in the U.S.

., 12.09.2020
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