Toilet Equipment

Kildwick Composting Toilet Accessories


Everything for your clean business

What matters at the silent place? We think above all: comfort and hygiene. This goes hand in hand with our Kildwick dry composting toilets. Practical helpers around the bowl, such as eco-friendly detergents and functional accessories, ensure smart cleanliness and ecological disposal. The result? Satisfaction in all business.

Our accessories at a glance:

  • ecological cleaning products and bedding
  • practical fan systems
  • robust an durable canisters
  • compostable garbage bags
  • clever accessories for self-installation
  • exclusive spare parts

Fresh ideas that pay off

The perfect accessory for our dry toilets

Kildwick relies on an exemplary and sustainable dry separation system: Thanks to the composting toilet’s separator, the solids don’t fall into the liquid. Thus, the cleaning effort is reduced. The toilet seat and divider can be kept clean with our organic cleanser and a cloth. Full natural power!
If you want to be on the safe side in terms of odour and speed up the composting of faeces, we recommend our clever elephant grass bedding. This sustainable litter removes legacy moisture and is more climate-friendly than, for example, conventional wood litter. And with a nice zinc bucket, you're giving some extra style to the supply.
Oxygen is advantageous for the composting of the solids because it accelerates decomposition. All of our Kildwick separation toilets have an opening for an optional fan. It brings a fresh breeze to your business and even dissipates unpleasant odours and heat.

Disposing without worries

Sustainable upcycling with composting toilets

Disposal of the legacies is as easy as the use and cleaning of our dry composting toilets. For the version "Capture" you simply take the urine canister out of the box and dilute the contents with water - perfect for fertilizing suitable ornamental plants. Or you use the age-old option of trickling.
Our 100% biodegradable and compostable garbage bags fit perfectly into the canisters for solids. When disposing, be sure to be hygienic. Do not let the contents come into contact with your skin. After removal, you can discard the bag on the compost heap. With the right composting instructions and a bit of patience you will create excellent humus for the garden after one to two years.
Of course, you can also seal the bag well and dispose of it normally with your household waste.

The right spare parts from Kildwick

For DIY or for retrofitting

If you want to retrofit or if something breaks, we offer you the right spare parts for all of our dry composting toilets in proven Kildwick quality. Nails, screws, hoses or durable hard wax oil are indispensable accessories for our composting toilet kits.
With the right spare parts for our clever dry separation system, you have everything under control and also create practical and sustainable fertilizer as an output. If you have questions or suggestions feel free to contact us anytime.