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Crick Boat Show Update

Kildwick Waterless Composting Toilets Crick Boat Show Update
Kildwick Waterless Composting Toilets Crick Boat Show Update
The ‘Awesome’ Kildwick ‘Stand’

Whilst the weather was a possibly the biggest talking point at the show as thunderclouds came and (fortunately) went, the conversations invariably turned to boat toilets.

This was Kildwick’s second year at the fabulous event and we had a great time – thanks to the organisers for doing such a great job and the other exhibitors, bands, bars, food-vans etc for making the event a thoroughly enjoyable occasion.

Kildwick Waterless Composting Toilets Crick Boat Show Update
Crick Boatshow 2018: A Big Thank You

Of course, we were there to talk toilets – the most common discussions being around how sick of cassette or pump out toilets people were.  The complaints ranged from the smell and ‘yuk-iness’ through to the lack of emptying facilities and inconvenience of the whole setup.

Fortunately the Kildwick team were able to present our alternative – and one that is proving time and time again to free those who live off-grid from the inconvenience and unpleasantness of the ‘traditional’ approaches to loos.

We were also delighted to meet many of our customers who came over to introduce themselves and confirm that they absolutely made the right choice – thank you for visiting :-)!


At the show we we delighted to introduce several new products and highlight some more evolutionary changes that our products are benefitting from:

The ‘Koodle’ Compost Toilet

Kildwick Waterless Composting Toilets Crick Boat Show Update
Koodle Toilet

Whilst the Koodle has been in production for around six months this was the first boat show to see our marvel of miniaturisation! At only a foot wide (30cm) by 1 1/2feet (450mm) deep, The Koodle is the smallest production compost toilet in the world but retains a comfortable seat size and the same solids storage capacity of our larger toilets.   The Koodle is compatible with all our ventilation components and has the option of a mixer tank. Currently this loo has a usable 4.4L bottle but we plan to develop a custom bottle soon that will be available as an upgrade for previous customers at a discounted price.

The ‘Konstrukt’ Compost Toilet ‘Kit’

Kildwick Waterless Composting Toilets Crick Boat Show Update
Konstrukt Compost Toilet Kit

If Ikea did a compost toilet they may have created the Konstrukt – a ‘flat-packed’ toilet designed for simple assembly but also available as a complete finished/painted toilet from our crafts-people at Kildwick.

Priced from £150 for the base alone, but with kits available to help you create your toilet quickly and easily, the Konstrukt is just what was needed to offer a lower-cost route for those who’d like to build their own toilet but without the sawdust!

Since the Konstrukt is made from computer-cut 15mm birch ply, it does weight in at around 25% more than the Kabin which isn’t a problem for (most) boats but is less suitable for camper vans (the lightweight Koodle is a better bet for this environment)

The’Kabin’ Compost Toilet

Kildwick Waterless Composting Toilets Crick Boat Show Update
Mid Oak Kildwick Kabin toilet with custom silver-pink glitter separator

Whilst not strictly ‘new’ the Kabin continues to be our flagship product and always benefits from continuous improvement and enhancements – many not immediately obvious to the eye. On obviously change is that we now include a background fan as standard – this uses only 50mA so doesn’t drain this valuable resource much at all – it can be turned off but we do recommend that it’s left on – just gently removing the extra humidity.  Of course, there are many easy ways to get vent the toilet air – see ‘Ventilation’, below.


Kildwick Waterless Composting Toilets Crick Boat Show Update
38mm Hose Push-Fit Elbow

In a small bathroom – already potentially damp from the watery environment, the level of humidity inside s compost toilet can get quite high – especially if measures are taken to reduce the chance of flies getting into the toilet (as with Kildwick toilets).  At Crick, we were pleased to highlight the increasing array of ventilation components and options designed to make venting your toilet as simple as possible. These options are equally valid for boats, vans or cabins and we were able to show four ‘typical’ approaches:

  1. Below gunwale (alt spelling Gunwhale!)
    * Use new or existing fitting such as used for the bathroom handbasin – ‘T’ in to the sink outflow for the most straightforward approach.
  2. Above Gunwale
    * Use a Vetus low-profile breather coupled to your Kildwick toilet through components designed for the job
  3. Roof
    Kildwick Waterless Composting Toilets Crick Boat Show Update  * Use an existing pump-out flush fitting with our specially designed vent adapter or install a new pumps-out fitting just for the job – choose a metal/colour to match your existing roof fittings
  4. Inside Bathroom
    * As a fall-back position, we offer a carbon filter/fan combination that installs inside your Kildwick toilet which gradually draws extra moisture out and back into your bathroom having moved most of the remaining damp-wood smell.




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