Camping toilet: What is the best choice?
Camping toilet: What is the best choice?
In this blog article we will explain what a camping toilet is and what is the best choice? So you will be prepared for your next camping adventure.

Camping is not only a way to enjoy nature, but also to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. One of the biggest challenges of camping, however, is the issue of sanitation. This is where camping toilets come into play, as they are an essential addition to any camping kit to make your camping holiday as enjoyable as possible. In this article, you will learn what types of camping toilets are available and help you make the best choice for your needs.

What is a camping toilet?

A camping toilet is a mobile, portable toilet specially designed for use in remote areas or campsites to make toileting as comfortable and independent as possible. It allows you to meet your human needs cleanly and hygienically even when you are far from campsites, civilisation and water supply. These toilets are usually lightweight, compact and user-friendly, making them an essential addition to any camping kit.

Not only that, but now garden owners and Tiny House owners have also discovered camping toilets and use them as garden toilets or Tiny House toilets.

From models like the dry separation toilet, which allows for easy disposal, to the chemical toilet, there are a variety of camping toilet options that can meet different needs and preferences.

Let's take a closer look:

From dry to chemical toilets: What types of camping toilets are there?

There are various types of camping toilets, which differ in the way they work and their features. Here are some of the most common types of camping toilets for all camping and motorhome fans:

Chemical toilet

The chemical toilet, also called a "porta potti", is probably the best-known type of camping toilet. The collection tank of chemical toilets is filled with a special chemical that neutralises odours and is responsible for decomposing solids. It is easy to transport and clean. However, emptying the solids is somewhat more complicated, as special disposal stations are required. These are usually only found at campsites. However, these toilets are not particularly sustainable and complicated to use because of the chemicals used.

Dry toilet / dry separation toilet

Dry toilets, also known as composting toilets, dry separation toilets or bucket toilets, separate solid excreta from urine, which reduces odour and offers the possibility of composting. They are an ecological choice as they require no water or chemicals - simply no sanitary liquid at all. Hence the name dry toilet. This type of toilet is ideal for you as a camper if a sustainable lifestyle and environmental protection are important to you.

Chopper toilet

Chopper toilets shred the excreta and toilet paper into small pieces to facilitate disposal. The whole thing is then fed into the wastewater tank. Chopper toilets require water and a power source to operate. Therefore, they are rather less suitable for longer camping trips of more than a week. Compared to chemical toilets, they are the more sustainable choice, but they do not beat the dry toilet in terms of sustainability.

The perfect toilet for on the move: ecological camping toilets without chemicals from Kildwick®

Nowadays, more and more people attach importance to sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions, also when it comes to camping toilets. You too? We think that's great!

At Kildwick, we offer a range of ecological camping toilets that not only conserve resources, but are also free of chemicals. This means that the waste is biodegradable and doesn't pollute the environment.

Here we present our most popular camping toilets for your next outdoor adventure:

#1 Our EasyLoo
Our EasyLoo is a compact, portable and easy-to-use partition toilet that is perfect for use as a Tiny House toilet (link) or for the motorhome.

#2 Our FancyLoo
Our FancyLoo is a stylish and modern partition toilet with an attractive design and that certain something and high degree of comfort. Thanks to the birch plywood construction, it offers you very individual design options. Want to know how you can make your camping experience with the FancyLoo even more comfortable? Find out here: Discover FancyLoo.

#3 Our FreeLoo
For DIY enthusiasts, we at Kildwick offer you the FreeLoo: a DIY partition toilet! With the FreeLoo, you can design your toilet just the way you want it.

Note: Don't miss out on our Summersale. You'll find a great selection of mobile camping toilets at great prices.

Emptying and cleaning the camping toilet: it's so easy with the portable dry toilet

Disposing of and cleaning your solid waste tank doesn't have to be a hassle. Especially if you choose a Kildwick portable toilet. Our toilets are designed for easy disposal, with a clear focus on hygiene, sustainability and practicality.

Unlike chemical toilets, which require you to visit special disposal stations, a dry toilet's waste can simply be placed in a bag and disposed of in your household waste (black bin) or a public toilet. This gives you the opportunity to camp for several days in a self-sufficient and environmentally friendly way without having to worry about emptying it.

Cleaning is also easy. Our models have easily removable tanks that allow for quick and thorough cleaning. What's more, our toilets are odourless, which makes cleaning even more pleasant.

Tip: Don't forget to regularly check the accessories you need, such as fresh bedding, to keep your toilet hygienic. But with the right camping accessories from Kildwick, maintaining your camping toilet will be a breeze.

Frequently asked questions about camper toilets

Where is it allowed to empty a portable toilet?
Disposal of the collection container varies depending on the type. While separation toilets can simply be disposed of via household waste or public toilets, chemical toilets require special disposal stations. It is important to find out about the correct disposal options before camping in order to protect the environment and comply with legal regulations.

Why are chemical toilets not allowed to be emptied into normal toilets?
Chemical toilets contain chemicals that must not go down the drain because they can harm the environment. It is therefore forbidden to empty the waste-holding tank of chemical toilets into normal toilets.

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