Tiny House Toilets: Which toilet in the Tiny House?
Tiny House Toilets: Which toilet in the Tiny House?
In this blog post, you can find out which toilet works best in the Tiny House and what you need to look out for.

In the world of Tiny Houses, every square inch matters. One of the most burning questions many Tiny House owners ask is, "Which toilet is suitable for a self-sufficient Tiny House?" Let's take a closer look and find out why a Tiny House toilet without water and chemicals is the ideal choice for disposing of your Tiny House solids.

Which toilet is suitable for a self-sufficient Tiny House?

Most Tiny House owners attach great importance to sustainability and efficient use of space. Of course, this often raises the question of which toilet is ideal for a self-sufficient Tiny House. The answer is the dry toilet, an innovative and environmentally friendly solution. This type of toilet is particularly resource-saving because it works entirely without water, thus reducing water consumption. In addition, separation toilets enable the odourless and ecological composting of what is left behind. This is perfect for Tiny Houses without a water connection.

Choosing a dry separation toilet is not only a sustainable and practical choice, but also an aesthetically pleasing one - if you go for Kildwick separation toilets. Their classic design blends seamlessly into the interior of any Tiny House without sacrificing functionality and comfort. The bathroom becomes a place that is both practical and stylish, while promoting the responsible use of our natural resources.

Phew, that's a lot of advantages, isn't it? Let's summarise them again:

Advantages of the separation toilet: Tiny House toilet without water and chemicals

The advantages of a partition toilet in the Tiny House are many:

  • Resource-saving and sustainable: By not using water and chemicals, you actively contribute to environmental protection.
  • Composting possibility: The possibility to compost one's own waste offers a sustainable solution to the waste water problem in Tiny Houses.
  • Odourless: Thanks to the separation technology, these toilets are practically odourless, which ensures a pleasant indoor climate. This makes the smell of urine a thing of the past.
  • Uncomplicated: Because the toilet works without chemicals, you don't have to rely on a campsite to dispose of solids.
  • And not to forget: A great design!

How does the toilet work in the Tiny House?

Installing a dry toilet in a Tiny House is simple and requires no special knowledge. The first step is to find the best place for the toilet, ideally near a window or ventilation to ensure optimal air circulation. The next step is to assemble the toilet, which is easy with the help of the instructions and tools provided. Here you can find more information on how to build a separation toilet yourself. Alternatively, you can buy our ready-assembled separation toilets.

Above all, make sure that…

  • the hoses are tight and everything is leak-proof and
  • you use the right containers for solid and liquid waste
  • you use high-quality litter, e.g. our Miscanthus eco-litter

This ensures hygienic and odour-free use of the toilet.

What types of partition toilets are there for a Tiny House?

When it comes to partition toilets for Tiny Houses, you have several options to choose from. At Kildwick we offer a range of products that are not only functional but also sustainable and aesthetically pleasing, for example:

  • Our EasyLoo: A simple and practical solution for anyone looking for a reliable and environmentally friendly toilet.
  • Our FancyLoo: If you're looking for a toilet with a difference, the FancyLoo is the right choice for you
  • Our FreeLoo: For the DIY enthusiasts among us, the FreeLoo is the ideal option. It gives you the opportunity to build your own customised toilet, just the way you like it!

Why our separation toilets?

As well as being practical and environmentally friendly, our urinals are a statement of quality and design. Here are some reasons why you'll be happy with a Kildwick toilet:

  1. Made in Germany: our loos are made in Germany and therefore meet the highest quality standards.
  2. Sustainability: We firmly believe that sustainable products are always the smartest solution. That's why we are committed to protecting the environment by offering products that conserve resources.
  3. Thoughtful design: Our toilets feature a minimalist and functional design that fits into any Tiny House.
  4. Leading the way: At Kildwick we pride ourselves on leading by example and constantly looking for ways to develop the best dry separation toilet ever.
  5. Individuality: Thanks to birch plywood construction, our toilets offer individual design options that allow you to create a toilet that really suits you.

Well, could we convince you? Then let's go to the Summersale!

Frequently Asked Questions about Separating Toilets for the Tiny House

Can I also build a separation toilet myself in the Tiny House?
Yes, with our FreeLoo kit you can build your own separation toilet. You get the inside of the toilet as a kit and you can design the body according to your needs and even build it into your Tiny House.

Which separation toilet is particularly resource-friendly?
All our separation toilets are resource-efficient as they use no water at all and do not require chemicals like a chemical toilet to compost liquid and solid excreta. They also allow for composting of leftovers, providing a sustainable and independent solution for waste disposal.

How do I dispose of separation toilet waste in the Tiny House?
Disposing of waste is easy and environmentally friendly with separation toilets. The solid waste can be composted, while the liquid waste can be safely collected in a separate container and then disposed of. There is no need for a bag or a sewer system.

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