FancyLoo Capture Premium composting toilet black/creamy white

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Color Separator 
Body Color creamy white 9001
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FancyLoo Capture Premium composting toilet  black/creamy white
1x FancyLoo Capture Premium composting toilet black/creamy white
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FancyLoo Capture Premium composting toilet black/creamy white
839,90 €
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technical data


- high-quality processed 15 mm Finnish birchwood from sustainable forestry

- coated with eco-friendly, semi-transparent KoskiDecor-Finish

- urine separator made from solid, recyclable ABS plastic

Length 44,00 cm
Width 43,00 cm
Height 47,00 cm

- minimalistic design

- comfortable seating

- eco friendly without the need for any chemicals or water

- easy to clean with a magnetic toilet seat and removable separator

Item weight: 16,50  kg

Shipping weight: 18,10 kg

- urine container 23 uses

- solids container 17 uses

FancyLoo Capture Premium composting toilet black/creamy white

Going to the loo never felt so good

We have to admit that we are pretty proud of our FancyLoo Capture! Our team has put all their efforts into developing a premium composting toilet that not only fulfills human needs, but also meets highest standards in design, comfort and sustainability.

With measurements of 44 x 43 x 48 cm and a weight of 16.5 kg, the FancyLoo is the largest and heaviest of all our toilets. Because of its size, the FancyLoo is best suited to stay in a fixed place — either in your campervan, allotment or tiny house.

You can choose between this version that comes with a urine container in the inside or the FancyLoo Divert, which uses an integrated siphon to drain the urine into an exterior canister or drainage.

Overall comfort with the FancyLoo

Our premium composting toilet offers the most comfort to you. When shipped, the toilet is already sealed and constructed. All you have to do is unwrap your FancyLoo, install your exterior urine tank — and it’s ready to use!
Sitting on the FancyLoo is like sitting on a throne, the wood has been cut to precision with a CNC mill, and all curves have been sanded to perfection. The sealed surface of your composting toilet feels wonderfully smooth. When you open the lid, it auto-stops once it reaches a 100° angle. Composting toilets have never been this comfortable!

All components of the composting toilet are finished in Germany. The workmanship is of the highest quality, the construction is robust and sturdy, and the edges are sealed with beeswax. This protects the FancyLoo from humidity. It also keeps your FancyLoo looking better, for longer. With the FancyLoo you can enjoy your freedom on many adventures to come.

FancyLoo - Easy to clean with a magnet toilet seat

We have put a lot of thought into finding an easy way to clean the FancyLoo. To achieve this we have used extra strong magnets to attach the toilet seat. It is easy to remove and you can clean the seat from all sides. Since it is attached without any hinges, the urine diverter is easy to access. The urine separator is easily inserted into the FancyLoo and it is not attached to the siphon. And it is just as easy to remove, so that you can clean it without having to disassemble the toilet. The magnets are covered in removable silicone caps that you can disinfect by boiling in water. This makes it easy to keep your toilet sanitary and clean. If you put one of our 30 litre compostable waste bags into the solids container all you have to do to keep it clean is to wipe it out with a damp cloth every once in a while.

Stay off-grid for longer

With our FancyLoo (as well as with our EasyLoo), you can stay off-grid for a long time, as both our models have the highest holding capacity. The liquids container has a capacity of up to 10 litre, and can be used approximately 23 times until it is full. The solids container has a capacity of 16 litre, and can be used 17 times before it should be emptied.

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