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FancyLoo Divert composting toilet

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Color Seperator 
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technical data


- Wooden parts: 9mm Tricoya®, untreated

- Toilet seat: 15mm birch plywood varnished

- partition insert: ABS plastic

- Metal parts: V2A stainless steel

Length 44,00 cm
Width 43,00 cm
Height 48,00 cm

- glazed with eco watercolor base

- integrated lid stop

- integrated stainless steel siphon

- load capacity toilet seat up to 150 kg

- magnetic toilet seat

- premium finish

Item weight: 16,50  kg

Shipping weight: 18,10 kg

- unlimited uses (liquid)

- approx. 17 uses (solid)

FancyLoo Divert composting toilet

Built for large campers and tiny homes: Kildwick FancyLoo

Please welcome our first Premium Composting Toilet! It has all the Kildwick feats you're used to (more on this in a sec) and yet it brings in a whole new dimension of comfort, hygiene and cleanliness.

First, FancyLoo is visually different from its predecessors. Its body, made of robust sustainable birch plywood, is available in one of three beautiful natural colours: cream, light grey and stone grey. The eco certified tint is slightly transparent and lets the wood structure shine through ever so subtly. The surfaces are sealed with a fine layer of melamine resin and the cutting edges are double-oiled which not only creates an eye-catching look but also makes them splash-proof and super easy to clean.

Kildwick FancyLoo is the perfect designer toilet for large campers, holiday homes, cabins, or tiny houses. Its chiseled, angular shape together with the elegant colour scheme create a look that’s both minimalistic and stylish. The sturdy lid loads up to 100 kg and doubles as clever storage space or as a seat. When you open the lid, it auto-stops once it reaches a 100 ° angle.

With its 44 x 43 x 48 cm measures and its 15 kg weight, Kildwick FancyLoo is perfect for larger spaces. It’s just as stable and solid as its predecessors and is loadable up to 200 kg. The ready-made model is bolted, not glued. All laser cut edges are smooth, soft and even to the touch. The base with four legs makes for maximum stability.

But there’s something else that makes your FancyLoo special: we call it its magnetic appeal. Magnetic what?

FancyLoo world first magnet system

Kildwick FancyLoo introduces the world's first magnetic holder for the toilet seat and the separator. One move is all it takes to remove or to insert the separator. The toilet seat aligns perfectly with the insert – as if by magic.

This magnetic system makes your FancyLoo more comfortable, more hygienic and even more easy to use:

  • the seat alights perfectly and with ease – every time
  • the separator with no hinges or drill holes is smooth to fight off germs and bacteria
  • the separator is easy to clean
  • the magnets double as spacers

Here at Kildwick we’re as detail-obsessed as usual. So we dressed the magnets with silicone caps in order to protect the surrounding surfaces. You can remove the caps for boiled water disinfection.

FancyLoo is built to be used as a Capture and as a Divert design.

FancyLoo Kildwick Premium Composting Toilet

Now, which colour of our magnetic FancyLoo is calling to grace your smallest room:
elegant cream, serene and fresh light grey or moody and chic stone grey?

If you’re interested in the FancyLoo Capture Design you can find it here.



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