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FreeLoo Bamboo L composting toilet DIY kit

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Color Separator 
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technical data


- Separator: ABS plastic

- Canister: Recyclable Polyethylene

- Screw cap: Recyclable polypropylene

- Bucket: Recyclable polypropylene

- Toilet seat: bamboo

Length 38,00 cm
Width 34,50 cm
Height 15,00 cm

- individual toilet construction possible

- separator with high gloss finish

- approx. 3mm material thickness

- bucket resistant to acids and alkalis

- canister food safe

Item weight: 4,90  kg

Shipping weight: 6,50 kg

The bucket can break if heavy objects

objects fall into it. Attention

Danger of cutting injuries!

FreeLoo Bamboo L composting toilet DIY kit

The FreeLoo Bamboo L Composting Toilet DIY Kit without casing – with a 16 l solids tank and bamboo toilet seat for larger spaces

You want to build your own, highly durable dry toilet that fits your individual needs? Use this DIY kit without casing to make your vision come true!

The FreeLoo kit provides you with two containers, one source separation insert and one bamboo toilet seat the four central elements that you need to build your own separation toilet. 

Freedom awaits, now build it!

Why it's special

Our FreeLoo DIY dry toilet kits without casing offer you the benefits of maximum flexibility, personalisation and creativity!

The individual components do pack a punch:

  • Both containers offer great longevity.
  • Both high-quality, robust and easy-to-clean containers are made of recyclable plastics.
  • Disposing of the high-quality separator insert made of recyclable polystyrene (at the end of its life cycle) produces no hazardous waste, by contrast to its fiberglass equivalents.
  • With a handy template that makes it easy to install the separator.

An extra tip: The XL separator gains stability when installed onto a sawn-out wooden panel. For this purpose, glue it in place, e.g. with an adhesive for design floors (available in hardware stores).

Suitable for

  • Creative hobby crafters who want to DIY a separation toilet 
  • Dry toilet users who
    • have specific requirements towards the design of their toilet
    • want to design their loo according to their own preferences
    • want or need a custom design due to space restrictions or floor plan specifics
    • want to equip their composting toilet with the largest containers available
  • Families with small children looking to build an additional loo for their homes
  • Owners of mini campers, vans, boat, allotments, Tiny Houses, or kindergarten/ day care providers.


The Kildwick Stainless Steel Siphon or the Kildwick Spillguard Kit — fitted between the separator and the urine container — provides leak and odor protection for bumpy roads.

To prevent odors from developing in the first place, use an adequate amount of cover material after each use.

Should you still notice unpleasant odors, retrofit your composting toilet with our 5V or 12V fan set. The former may even be charged via the Kildwick solar panel.

DIYing a dry separation toilet on your own is not very you?
That’s fine!
Check out our EasyLoo Kit (available with or without fan) – it comes with the same containers as the FreeLoo DIY Kit 16 l, complete with a ready-to-assemble birchwood body.

Maybe you prefer a ready-to-use solution altogether? The assembled EasyLoo is here for you, then. Choose between a model with or without ventilation.

Cleaning and care instructions

To ensure the longevity of the containers and the insert of your composting toilet, never use aggressive cleaners that contain acids or solvents. These can corrode and damage the surfaces, for example that of the polystyrene separator insert.

Instead, we encourage using our Beetroot Cleaner and our Compostable Sponge Cloth. Both are eco-alternatives to conventional cleaning products.

To keep your solids tank tidy for as long as possible, line it with our Compostable Solids Bag 30 l  (Important: Our 10 l bags are too small to line the 16 l solids tank!).

If you are building a wooden body for your DIY dry toilet, we recommend that you glaze, varnish or oil the wood before the first use, and repeat the treatment every two years. This step will help protect the wood from moisture. It's also a real opportunity to get creative with finishes and colors.

Questions & answers

Please find all assembly instructions and templates for the Kildwick FreeLoo DIY Camping Toilet Kit without casing in our support section. For more helpful advice, check out the frequently asked questions.

And of course, you are very welcome to send your questions via e-mail to

By the way, we’re always delighted to see photos of your custom-built dry toilet proudly sitting in your garden, van or tiny house, so please do share them with us!

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