HappyLoo Covering Material Complete Refill Set

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HappyLoo Covering Material Complete Refill Set
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HappyLoo Covering Material Complete Refill Set
14,90 €
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technical data


- Bedding: Chinese reed

- Pellets: Straw

- Garbage bag: starch (blend)

Length 29,00 cm
Width 19,00 cm
Height 13,00 cm

- fast growing, organic material

- high absorbency and odor binding

- without pesticides

- 100 % compostable

- Climate neutral

Item weight: 1,40  kg

Shipping weight: 1,65 kg

- up to 25 uses (liquid)

- up to 6 uses (solid)

HappyLoo Covering Material Complete Refill Set

Discover now: the cover and bags refill set for your HappyLoo

What’s that? Your HappyLoo is more robust than you’ve expected? We’re sooo not surprised – after all, we pay maximum attention to create most durable products which you can enjoy using as long as possible. With the Kildwick HappyLoo Covering Material Complete Refill Set for your portable HappyLoo you’re all good and ready to go: into your next outdoor adventure, to an extended fishing trip or to the next festival (soon, we hope). Follow the call of freedom and be worry-free when it comes down to "business".

Now let’s take a closer look at what goodness is inside your complete refill set ...

Our compostable bags

The Kildwick bags are produced in Germany (resource-efficient manufacturing) and are both 100% compostable and 100% bio-degradable. You will search in vain for microplastics, because there simply are none in there. Production also doesn’t involve any softeners or polyethylenes. Nevertheless, these bags with a capacity of 30 litres each are extremely tear-resistant and leakproof.

Furthermore, the Kildwick bags are certified according to EN 13432, which means they are suitable for composting and for compost containers. And given that the bags are imprinted with food-grade inks only, you have no hidden pollutants when composting whatsoever.

An important note for use in Germany: Only dispose of the bags in your household waste or in the compost. Disposal in the organic waste bin („Biotonne“) is not allowed.

The super absorbent straw pellets

What makes some straw pellets a better cover material for liquids that some others is the accurate level of compression. Kildwick straw pellets were optimised to control the moisture quickly and efficiently. The bag of 1 kg which you get with this set is sufficient for approx. 15-25 „number ones“ or for 4-5 litres of liquid.

The straw for the pellets is grown regionally and is packaged in recyclable paper bags.

Tried and tested: the organic Miscanthus litter

The best cover material for composting toilets and one to safely handle the „number twos“ must provide reliable odour and moisture control – enter Miscanthus bedding.

Oh, you’ve never heard of Miscanthus? Then please let us introduce you: Miscanthus, also known as silvergrass, is a plant in the grass family that has been successfully cultivated in Germany for over 20 years. We source our Miscanthus bedding from local farms. As a hardy perennial grass it produces an annual crop with just the topmost meter being harvested; it’s robust, non-invasive, it enhances soil health and doesn’t require much water – or any herbicides or pesticides.

Our organic Miscanthus bedding is packaged in recyclable paper bags; the content will be enough for about 20 individual sessions. We recommend that you use about a handful when you’re done, which corresponds to about 25 g.

Now that's some happy business!

You have read the entire text, but you haven’t yet seen our practical, sustainable and portable HappyLoo toilet made of sturdy cardboard? Then watch this short video now.

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