MiniLoo composting toilet DIY kit B quality

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MiniLoo composting toilet DIY kit B quality
349,90 €
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs
Old price: 429,90 €
technical data


- Wooden parts: 8mm birch plywood, untreated

- Toilet seat: 15mm birch plywood varnished

- partition insert: ABS plastic

- Metal parts: V2A stainless steel

Length 38,40 cm
Width 33,70 cm
Height 44,50 cm

- separator insert with high-gloss finish in B quality

- high quality and robust finish

- load capacity toilet seat up to 150 kg

- magnetic toilet seat in B quality

- can be used as a stool


Item weight: 8,70  kg

Shipping weight: 10,30 kg

- approx. 23 uses (liquid)

- approx. 12 uses (solid)

MiniLoo composting toilet DIY kit B quality

B-stock / B-quality

The MiniLoo DIY kits are fully functional kits that include a urine diverter and a toilet seat in B-quality with superficial scratches. All other components are delivered in A-quality. If you don't mind a few scratches on the urine diverter with proven Kildwick functionality, then this is your product. Note: B-goods article has the same warranty as A-goods.

Vantastic and free with the MiniLoo

Be comfortable on the road with the MiniLoo. We have designed this composting toilet especially to be used in narrow spaces. With its measurements of 38.4 cm × 33.7 cm × 44.5 cm (15.1 × 13.3 × 17.5 in), the MiniLoo will find a spot in almost every campervan.

It is also great to put in your van since it only weighs  8.75 kg. It is one of our more lightweight toilets which is especially important if you are doing a van conversion, because we all know that every gram matters! So you can even move your composting toilet around to where you need it. 

Multifunctional: Doubles as a stool

With the lid closed, the MiniLoo does not look like a toilet at all, but fits into your campervan’s interior with its neutral but modern design. To save even more space, you can put a seat cushion on top of it and use it as an additional seat. The lid can be loaded with 100 kg.

Long live DIY: The MiniLoo in a high-quality DIY kit

If you like handicrafts and DIY projects, our MiniLoo DIY kit is perfect for you. It will not only save you some money, but add a handmade touch to your campervan that is also really practical.

The elements of the MiniLoo DIY kit are made from the same high quality materials as our fully assembled models. All you need to put the parts together is a bit of time and a hammer. Everything else is already part of the DIY kit:

  • birch plywood for the outer box
  • urine diverter in black or white, pre-assembled on a 8 mm perforated plate in B quality
  • toilet seat made from birch multiplex in B quality
  • 9.5 l urine container with lid
  • 9.5 l solids tank with lid
  • extra strong magnets
  • galvanized nails
  • high-quality wood glue

2.5 mm Allen key

QR-Code on the packaging with a link to the instructions

Since the wood is untreated, you need to oil or coat the wood on the inside and outside after assembling the DY Kit. So you can even add a personal touch to your composting toilet and match it to the color of your camper! As a plus, you protect your MiniLoo from any spills. 

Comfortable to use, convenient to clean

Mini but with a maximum of comfort. The MiniLoo does not only offer a comfortable seat height, but compared to most other camping toilets it also offers a real toilet seat that provides for comfortable sitting and can be loaded with 150 kg. The beautifully shaped toilet seat is made from coated birch plywood and handcrafted in the Ore Mountain. It feels wonderfully smooth and it is fastened with magnets for a strong and secure fit.

The magnetic fastenings also make cleaning your composting toilet easier. You can remove the toilet seat completely and clean it from all sides. The urine diverter, too, does not have any hinges or drill holes that germs could adhere to. Both the top and the bottom side of the urine diverter has an easy-to-clean high gloss surface making the MiniLoo super easy and quick to clean!

Independent with the MiniLoo: Disposal interval of 6 days

The front of your MiniLoo has a handy small window through which you can see if your urine container has to be emptied. The containers are taken out from above, which works well in narrow spaces. To open your MiniLoo, take the opening bar from its bracket in the inside of the lid and use it as a lever to open the magnet fastenings. Then you can take out the urine diverter to reach the container underneath. With two people using it, you have to empty the 9.5 l urine container after approximately 2-3 days (23 uses), and the solids tank after 4-6 days (12 uses). So you can stay off the grid in your campervan and enjoy the freedom of the road.  Although the liquids container has a capacity of 9.5 litre, we suggest emptying it every 1-2 days to prevent odors. You can also use our spillguard kit that works to seal your urine container and protect it from spilling on bumpy rides.

If you want to have more flexibility with the disposal intervals, you can install a siphon underneath the urine diverter and connect it to an individual drainage solution like an exterior container or a drainage.

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