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MiniLoo HDYRO composting toilet DIY kit with fan 12V

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HOW-TO: Kildwick MiniLoo HYDRO

A waterproof wooden dry separation toilet is not difficult to assemble. Don't you believe us? We will show you in our HOW-TO video for our MiniLoo HYDRO.

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The MiniLoo HYDRO is your waterproof composting toilet for the shower or wet room in the camper
Certified sustainably treated wood and feet at the bottom make our MiniLoo Hydro HYDRO 100% water resistant
When closed, you can even use your MiniLoo HYDRO as a shower stool
Our 12V fan kit for mounting on your MiniLoo HYDRO composting toilet puts an end to unpleasant odours
technical data


- Wooden parts: 9mm Tricoya®, untreated

- Toilet seat: 15mm birch plywood varnished

- partition insert: ABS plastic

- Metal parts: V2A stainless steel

Length 39,70 cm
Width 33,70 cm
Height 46,50 cm

- Absolutely waterproof

- Resistant to mold & fungi

- Partition insert with high gloss finish

- Load capacity toilet seat up to 150 kg

- magnetic toilet seat

- 5 years material warranty!

Item weight: 9,30  kg

Shipping weight: 10,60 kg

- approx. 23 uses (liquid)

- approx. 12 uses (solid)

MiniLoo HDYRO composting toilet DIY kit with fan 12V

MiniLoo HYDRO - not afraid of water

The Kildwick MiniLoo HYDRO: your wooden toilet for wet rooms

The Kildwick MiniLoo HYDRO was created on the basis of our popular MiniLoos and is ideal for you if your composting toilet tends to be exposed to a lot of moisture - for example in the small bathroom of a camper, outdoors or in a humid climate in general. Thanks to clever design adjustments and the choice of material (certified, sustainably waterproof treated wood), the body of your MiniLoo HYDRO is 100% water-resistant.

What makes it unique

The design of the MiniLoo HYDRO is based on our MiniLoo model, but is a further development in terms of water resistance, which offers other great advantages:

  • Wood body waterproofed using non-toxic methods - no mold, no fungus, no swelling.
  • Feet at the bottom of the body ensure that all water can drain off the body.
  • The MiniLoo HYDRO can be used in wet rooms, showers, outdoors; even a damp climate doesn't bother it.
  • You can even use your MiniLoo HYDRO as a shower stool when closed.
  • The lid stop on the back stops the toilet lid at 100 degrees.

By the way: You can retrofit the MiniLoo, MicroLoo and PiccoLoo models with the open lid.

Eco-friendly waterproof: some material knowledge

The material used for the body is so-called acetylated MDF. The starting material is wood, which is made waterproof for at least 50 years by means of acetylation.

As a result, the wood largely loses its natural ability to absorb water - this prevents it from swelling and rotting; optimizes the durability of the material. Gradually, this property decreases, so the wood and the products made from it (like the MiniLoo HYDRO) naturally decay and degrade. No microplastics and no toxins such as e.g. B. Formaldehyde.

The material is approved for outdoor use, in and on water.

Body characteristics of the MiniLoo HYDRO:

  • Absolutely dimensionally stable
  • Does not swell, resistant to fungus and mould
  • Service life when used outdoors between 50 and 70 years
  • Smooth finish that can be personalized with varnish/paint as you wish
  • Harmless and non-toxic
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