Mixer vs Simple Solids Tank

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Your toilet comes as standard with our 23L anti-bacterial solids tank which is a high-quality container designed for the job!  You can choose, however, to upgrade to one if our engineer-designed mixer tank…

Non-Mixer Bucket

Kube Solids Tank
Kildwick Kube 23 with Lid

This is a custom-developed anti-bacterial solids tank – its a perfect capacity offer world-leading capacity whilst not being too heavy to carry when full.

  • Great capacity (23L)
  • Built-in handle
  • Lid included
  • Stackable
  • Long lasting non-leaching anti-bacterial plastic won’t prevent composting
  • Can take our custom Kube compostable liners for


Default with the Kabin toilet

Mixer Bucket

Kube 23 Mixer Bucket

The mixer bucket was designed by a specialist engineer to guaranteed that it won’t leak via the bearings. The benefits of having a mixer bucket include:

  • Blends fresh poos with sawdust and previous contents to make the contents more ‘sightly’. This is ever more useful if combined with the ‘modesty’ flap which means everything remains hidden/blended.
  • Helps to kickstart the composting process by blending the (approximately) 50% carbon added with the poos for accelerated microbial activity
  • Tank still quickly removed from the toilet – just pull out the crank handle from the side of the toilet and lift out the tank as normal.

The downside of the mixer bucket is that you can’t use it with the tank liners!

Add Mixer Bucket to Cart

Kildwick Kruiser urine-sepatating compost toilet
Kildwick Kabin Showing Removable Crank Handle