Kildwick Kabin Urine Separating Composting Toilet


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*** Christmas Break 2018 *** No further orders are now being shipped until after the break.  Thank you for your interest and you are still welcome to order ready for first production/delivery after the new year.This is a listing for our the highly acclaimed Kildwick Kabin. The price is for the standard unit with options payable in addition – please call or message us to discuss.The Kildwick Kabin benefits from the following features:Unique ‘monocoque’ base developed to offer few hiding places for bacteria or critters – anti-bacterial surfaces further makes this probably the most hygienic toilet available.23L solids tanks with anti-bacterial surfaces which don’t harm the solids for compost but help to protect the users. Can be easily/quickly emptied without dismantling the toilet!10L urine tank with sturdy soft-grip carrying handle. Anti-bacterial plastic helps reduce bacterial build uo and makes it safer for handling. Wide mouth makes emptying and cleaning a dream!Class-leading urine diverter using especially hard and antibacterial materials which make it easy to clean (just with water) and a long life without staining.Custom designed seat and fly-screened vents help to keep smells in and flies out!Lab-tested anti-bacterial lining inside – including the solids and liquids tank. Non-biological so safe for compost and guaranteed to function for over ten yearsBase guaranteed leak-proof – no risk of overflowing urine tank leaking onto your floor!Option to divert urine to the rear of the toilet if it’s being used on land or with a larger external urine tank (cost option)Versatile venting system option from 50mm (2″) rigid/flexible duct down to 32mm (1 1/4″) rigid/flexible duct with options for rood and skin-fittings (for boats/vans)Options for colours and for flat or would-mould surface – please contact us to order and discuss additional feesOptions for ‘glittery’ urine separator – still hard, shiny, anti-bacterial surface which won’t stain for much, much longer than normal plastic separators.Specially-designed compostable bags available to line the solids tank.All hardware is marine-grade stainless steel for longevity.Three-year back-to-base warrantyExtensive use and care instructions provided.Dimensions: 380mm (wide) x 500 (from to back) x 430mm (to the seat)This is a truly outstanding toilet from one of the most innovative compost toilet developers in the market today.Due to demand, delivery is currently 3-4 weeks from order. Thank you for your patience – it’s worth it :-)!Call for more information: UK: 01756 798818.  Worldwide: +44 1756 798818 

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