Kildwick Kruiser Urine Separating Capture (to Bottle) Composting Toilet


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*** Christmas Break 2018 *** No further orders are now being shipped until after the break.  Thank you for your interest and you are still welcome to order ready for first production/delivery after the new year.This is a listing for our the highly acclaimed Kildwick Kruiser. The price is for the standard unit with a urine bottle – see other listing for a version that diverts the urine to the rear. Their are options  – please call or message us to discuss.The Kruiser benefits from the following features:Similar features to the AirHead and NaturesHead Composting Toilets but better looking and with colour choices and more features!Unique ‘monocoque’ base developed to offer few hiding places for bacterial or critters – anti-bacterial surfaces further makes this probably the most hygienic toilet available.23L solids tanks with built-in precision-engineered mixing /blade/ system designed to support mixing even quite full tanks.  Tank designed to not leak through the mixing bearings! Under the right environmental and use conditions, the contents could be desiccated by a combination of mixing and the moisture-draw from the fan.Solids and liquids tanks can be quickly/easily emptied without dismantling the toilet!10L urine tank with sturdy soft-grip carrying handle and wide mouth for fast emptying and periodic cleaning.Class-leading urine diverter using especially hard and antibacterial materials which make it easy to clean (just with water) and a long life without stainingCustom designed seat and fly-screened vents help to keep smells in and flies out!Patent-pending disposable/cleanable ‘modesty’ flap – no more worrying if someone ‘soils’ it forgetting to open itYou can even create your own flap design – message to the kids/friends on how to use the toilet!Lab-tested anti-bacterial lining inside – including the solids and liquids tank. Non-biological so safe for compost and guaranteed to function for over ten yearsBase guaranteed leak-proof – no risk of overflowing urine tank leaking onto your floor!Multi-speed fan – from quiet background to ‘spice-poo’ boost!Versatile venting system from 50mm (2″) rigid/flexible duct down to 32mm (1 1/4″) rigid/flexible duct with options for rood and skin-fittings (for boats/vans)Options for colours and for flat or would-mould surface – please contact us to order and discuss additional feesOptions for ‘glittery’ urine separator – still hard, shiny, anti-bacterial surface which won’t stain for much, much longer than normal plastic separators.Specially-designed compostable bags available to empty the solids tank into.All hardware is marine-grade stainless steel for longevity.Three-year back-to-base warrantyExtensive use and care instructions provided.Dimensions: 380mm (wide) x 500 (from to back) x 430mm (to the seat)This is a truly outstanding toilet from one of the most innovative compost toilet developers in the market today.Due to demand, delivery is currently 3-4 weeks from order. Thank you for your patience – it’s worth it :-)!Call for more information: UK: 01756 798818.  Worldwide: +44 1756 798818 

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