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Standard Kildwick Kabin Features

Kildwick Waterless Composting Toilets Standard Kildwick Kabin Features
 Standard Kildwick Kabin Toilet Features:
  • Unique ‘monocoque’ base is guaranteed leak-proof for life and developed to offer few hiding places for bacterial or critters – anti-bacterial surfaces further makes this probably the most hygienic toilet available.
  • Solids and liquids tanks are also anti-bacterial and can be quickly/easily emptied without dismantling the toilet! Solids tank has a mixer /manual-macerator option and is guaranteed leakproof
  • 10L urine tank (in larger toilets) with sturdy soft-grip carrying handle and wide mouth for fast emptying and periodic cleaning.
  • Class-leading urine diverter using especially hard and antibacterial materials which make it easy to clean (just with water) and a long life without staining
  • Custom designed seat – controls airflow and reduces risk of flies or smell.
    • Includes finger-lift recess
  • Two stainless steel fly-screened vents with large cross-section – choice of three locations for the Kabin (with movable blank for third)
  • Extensive range of ‘Versavent’ ventilation components to make venting as simple and effective as possible.
  • Lab-tested anti-bacterial lining inside – including the solids and liquids tank. Non-biological so safe for compost and guaranteed to function for over ten years
  • Base guaranteed leak-proof for life – no silicon or other short-term sealant to leak past – no risk of overflowing urine tank leaking onto your floor!
  • Specially-designed compostable bags available to empty the solids tank into.
  • All hardware is marine-grade stainless steel for longevity.
  • Three-year limited back-to-base warranty
  • Extensive use and care instructions provided.
  • Dimensions  of the Kabin: 380mm (wide) x 510 (from to back) x 466mm (to the seat)
  • Weight:12Kg.

3 thoughts on “Standard Kildwick Kabin Features

  1. Can you use toilet paper with this Eco system please?

    1. Yes, our compost toilets accept normal toilet paper but we generally suggest that the paper is bagged/binned(or burnt) to reduce bulk and extend solids tank filling time. Guests, of course, should be allowed to still pop the paper in the loo as asking them to bin it may just be a step too far for many :-)!

  2. Can any or all of these models be stowed in a cupboard in a campervan and brought out when required? If so, what would be the minimum space required for storing?

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