Kildwick Composting Toilet and Components The Kildwick Team

The Kildwick Team

Colin Ives

Kildwick Composting Toilet and Components The Kildwick Team
Colin – on a good day 🙂

A posh bloke with loads of ‘letters’ after his name who, after marrying a Wigan girl, got dragged down a notch or two and into doing some ‘real’ work after years of running companies, management consulting and other ‘non-jobs’ :-).   Colin has a passion for good design and a thirst for understanding how things work to help make other things that are better – this is the key driving force that has made Kildwick the new market leader in such a short time.  He has been described by customers as the ‘Steve Jobs’ of the compost toilet world – and we think that fits pretty well!

Maria Matthews

Kildwick Composting Toilet and Components The Kildwick Team
Maria – adding a touch of glamour to a (currently) all-male team.

An artist at heart, Maria brings years of practical as well as creative skills to Kildwick. She is the driving force behind the appeal and beauty of our products – ensuring that the underlying form-follows-function design approach is balanced by pure design! After years in the fashion industry Maria knows that it’s not all about function (sorry, Colin)! People want something that looks good, works well and, wherever possible, is unique to them.  Maria has helped to make the compost toilet an object of desire!

Maria is also in charge of our customer-service. Again, she puts her unique twist on it and makes friends with our customers – after all…she is from ‘the North’ and they are a friendly bunch!  She is (almost) always available on the phone for a chat as she ‘can’t be doing with too many emails’ – and wants our customers to know that they are all special to us. Due to language difficulties stemming from her Wigan accent – Colin is always available to offer translation services where required!

Brett Selby

Kildwick Composting Toilet and Components The Kildwick Team
When he escapes Kildwick, Brett is often involved in teaching bushcraft skills to other in the UK and abroad.

Brett, in a group of perfectionists, is the supreme perfectionist! His skills and attention to detail are outstanding and Kildwick is very lucky to have him driving the quality improvement and manufacturing processes along.

Brett has an interesting background – having spent years travelling internationally as a guitar technician (repairing and setting up guitars for the ‘greats’) and then as a stage manager for household-name bands. At heart, Brett is every-bit a craftsman and can turn his hand, with dexterity, to anything. Nothing gets past Brett that isn’t perfect – and even then he’s looking for ways to make it better still!

Grant Loughrey

…and for the most recent, and awesome, addition…

Kildwick Composting Toilet and Components The Kildwick Team
Grant – adding even more attention to detail!

Grant is literally a find of the century. A painter and decorator for the last twenty years he was approached by Maria to paint a room in a house that she and Colin were renting whilst their boat was being refitted. The room was a real mess and she left him in the morning with several tins of paint and came back eight hours later to a total transformation! Even though she thought the room was fabulous, Grant only wanted to point out the things that he believed could be improved.  With those skills and attitude Maria decided that he was just what we needed to further boost the Kildwick team – bringing his own level of anally-retentive perfectionism to the company! Grant has since demonstrated a work-ethic to put the rest if us (hard workers) to shame!


Peter Cockerill

Kildwick Composting Toilet and Components The Kildwick Team
Whether its metal, plastic or composite, Peter can make something better!

Peter is an astounding engineer with a decades of experience in making precision scientific instruments and bespoke components for organisations around the globe (unless you’re a flat-earther, in which case around the ‘disc’!).

Peter’s contributions to Kildwick are legion – from making special tooling and jigs to working with us to develop the worlds most hygienic ‘poop-chute’ flap mechanism and the amazing leak-proof mixer on the Kube buckets.

Sadly, Peter’s creativity and engineering skills have yet to lead to the creation of more time but we’re sure he’s working on it!



Alan Offless

Kildwick Composting Toilet and Components The Kildwick Team
Alan – the anchor who keeps this rusty ship from drifting….at least financially 🙂

Without our anchor  this ship would drift in a sea of wood, fibreglass and dreams!  As our bookkeeper, Alan is the anchor that keeps the all important numbers crunched and ensure staff, landlords, suppliers and the ever-present VAT and Tax-man are kept happy.

After years working in accounting firms across the area Alan decided to ‘jump ship’ and cast off aboard his own vessel – for which we are eternally grateful as he’s since joined us in a part-time capacity and done an amazing job bringing our accounts up to scratch and keeping on top of things for us.

A keen traveller, Alan also speaks Spanish so maybe thats where we open our first overseas office – fancy a move, Alan :-)?

Whilst Kildwick is by far his favourite client (our words, not his) Alan is still available to help others ‘stay honest’ – you can see more about Alan on linked-in.

Vacancy. June 2018

Kildwick Composting Toilet and Components The Kildwick Team
You don’t have to look like this to join us – but it may help :-)!

We need someone to join our manufacturing team. Working at benches with a variety of materials, hand and power tools, you’ll be helping to make one of the world’s top compost toilets (yes, toilets… how exciting :-))

Ideally suited to a bench joiner but open to others with the requisite skills, energy, attention to detail and desire to join a team renowned for the quality of its designs and finished goods.

In only a few years, Kildwick Compost Toilets has gained an enviable reputation across the globe and are rated as the ‘gold standard’ in the industry.

The reason for our rapid growth is that we care about every aspect of what we design, manufacture and support! And this is what is being recognised by our customers and we need other to join us with the same desire.

We offer a  supportive working environment with flexible hours where everyone cares about what they are doing, puts maximum effort in, has a laugh and is allowed to chill on the odd bad day.  

You’ll be working for a company going places and you’re invited to come along for the ride.