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So, you’ve chosen your toilet – we getting near the end of the choices 🙂  This page is about what ventilation you’d like.

At Kildwick we offer four choices which are described below.  All choices are completely fly-screen using stainless-steel fine-grade mesh which, together with out custom toilet seat and lid provide the best control of crawly invasions!

At the bottom of each one you can click on an ‘add-to-cart’ to choose that option or just click next to move on without making a choice.

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No Fan (Passive)

Passive Air Vent
Passive Air Vent – Default

Many people do use their toilet very successfully without a fan. Kildwick toilets have quite large fly-screen vent holes but if there is not much air movement in your bathroom it’s likely that humidity will build-up inside the toilet (especially in cold/damp environments) and cause problems.

Even without a fan you should have low levels of odour in a well managed toilet using carbon cover material (see here for more information)

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Single Speed

Single Speed Fan
Single Speed Fan
Matched Air Inlet
Matched Air Inlet

At a basic level, all you need is a single-speed fan which you can duct through a dedicated wall or ceiling vent. A low-speed background fan will equalise the humidity inside the toilet with the room and draw any residual odour outside.

The single speed installation is shipped with limited air inlet area to make best use of it’s ability to control odours.

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Multi-Speed Fan
Multi-Speed Fan
Air Inlet Control
Air Inlet Control

A multi-speed fan offers the added benefit that it can draw more air out from the toilet clearly stronger odours from fresh ‘curry’ poos or can help to clear a steamy shower room.

The Kildwick multi-speed fan has four settings:

  • Off
  • Low (normal position) 50mA
  • Medium (if smells are still creeping in)
  • High (to help deal with the immediate effects of smelly poos!)

The multi-speed fan installation is shipped with a variable air-inlet so can have better odour/humidity control.

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Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon Filter
Interceptor Activated Carbon Filter

If you really can’t duct air from the toilet outside and you think your bathroom may not have enough air moving for s passive system, then you can select to have the Kildwick ‘Interceptor’ activated carbon filter.

Kildwick were the first to develop an activated carbon filter for a composting toilet. Our slimline unit is integrated into the toilet with its built-in fan.

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