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Standard Kildwick Toilet Features

 Standard Kildwick Kabin Toilet Features:
  • Unique ‘monocoque’ base is gauranteed leak-proof and developed to offer few hiding places for bacterial or critters – anti-bacterial surfaces further makes this probably the most hygienic toilet available.
  • Solids and liquids tanks can be quickly/easily emptied without dismantling the toilet!
  • 10L urine tank with sturdy soft-grip carrying handle and wide mouth for fast emptying and periodic cleaning.
  • Class-leading urine diverter using especially hard and antibacterial materials which make it easy to clean (just with water) and a long life without staining
  • Custom designed seat – controls airflow and reduces risk of flies or smell.
    • Includes finger-lift recess
  • Two stainless steel fly-screened vents with large cross-section
  • Lab-tested anti-bacterial lining inside – including the solids and liquids tank. Non-biological so safe for compost and guaranteed to function for over ten years
  • Base guaranteed leak-proof – no risk of overflowing urine tank leaking onto your floor!
  • Specially-designed compostable bags available to empty the solids tank into.
  • All hardware is marine-grade stainless steel for longevity.
  • Three-year limited back-to-base warranty
  • Extensive use and care instructions provided.
  • Dimensions at the base: 380mm (wide) x 500 (from to back) x 430mm (to the seat)
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