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Hello, and welcome to the Kildwick Website.

In only a few short years, Kildwick has become the UK's leading manufacturer of com[ost toilets and components for their self-build.  Over the three years we have continued to innovate with many 'firsts' to our name already.  We have even just launched a self assembly toilet - the 'Konstrukt' - "...if Ikea designed compost toilets".

We are a customer-focused business and are happy to help answer any queries you may have whilst selecting, installing or using our products - just give us a call or email us.

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About us

Kildwick has quickly become known as the UKs premier compost toilet manufacturer. Our designs are not only stylish but robust and include many innovations to make them the perfect choice for off-grid toilets.

We also manufacture anti-bacterial gelcoat urine separators and other components that will help you with your self-build projects.

We are run by a team with a total of 40 years off-grid living experience and understand the need for simplicity, durability and hygiene in a composting toilet.   This experience means that we invest heavily in research & development to solve many practical problems in creating a great loo, so whilst we only started in 2015 we already have a long list of innovations making products truly ‘world class’. These innovations include 100% leakproof base, anti-bacterial lining, porcelain-like urine diverter finish, and much more. For an extensive list of innovations [CLICK HERE]. For standard features of Kildwick Composting Toilets [CLICK HERE]

Crick Boatshow 2018

Kildwick is pleased to be showing our product range at the UK’s largest inland waterways event, the Crick Boatshow - stand V35.   Last year was out first time exhibiting and we were overwhelmed with the response we received. This year we’ll be  launching two new toilets and showing cross-range improvements and ventilation enhancements. The two new toilets are:

  • The Koodle – the worlds smallest compost toilet designed for the tightest of spaces but still with a decent-sized seat and solids/liquids capacities.
  • The ‘Khasi’ – the worlds first ‘flat-pack’ compost toilet designed for simple self-assembly and left to you to stain/paint/varnish/oil or whatever else you like!

We'll also be exhibiting a range of enhancements to last year's toilets, ventilation and other components - most of which are 100% compatible with older toilets so suitable for upgrades.

For Boats...

Boats need to retain the urine inside the toilet as most waterways management organisations forbid the pumping of urine into them.

Kildwick compost toilets offer significant benefits over other toilets in that we:

  • Include a self-contained, easily-emptied urine container
  • Have bases that are 100% leakproof guaranteed for life.
  • Have a range ion flexible ventilation options to suit.

We also do either fairly standard sized toilets or a mini-compost toilet  (the Koodle) if space it tight!

For Vans...

Kildwick toilets are becoming the toilet of choice for self-build or camper conversions because:

  • You have the choice for a built-in urine container or urine feed to a large chassis-mounted tank
  • You have the choice of standard or compact toilet
  • A choice of ventilation fittings to make venting easy and suit your vehicle and needs.

Move away from the use of heavy, cumbersome and smelly cassette toilets and become free of unpleasant emptying tasks

For Cabins etc ...

Our toilets are not only stylish and robust but offer you the option to have the urine diverted to a container or soak-pit located to the rear or under the toilet.

We even have a 'long-drop' toilet enabling you to have a larger solids container (such as a 'wheelie-bin' beneath your toilet for less frequent emptying.


For Glamping sites the compost toilet is perfect - we have a disposable modesty flap and tank liners helping to deliver improved (& visible hygiene) and fast customer turn-around times.

These are a few of our most popular products...