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Rudi on the road

Today we called a landline in Germany’s beautiful south. We were originally hoping to speak to Rudi, but it seems he’s already hibernating!

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Container Love

Even though we’d only been talking on the phone for a couple of minutes, it was obvious that Anica was right up our street! We’re therefore delighted to introduce her to you. She lives part-time in a

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Two times three makes four - or: Be Pippi, not Annika!

This quote clearly applies to Svenja, who we are meeting up with today for a phone call. The friendly and open-minded Rhinelander is one of our first Kildwick customers and someone who also first

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Allotment Garden Wars

Who doesn’t know them from TV? The dubious shows with images of warring neighbors along a garden fence ... But that’s not what we want to write about in this article.

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A pioneer of the dry toilet

Many of us mainly know Friedensreich Hundertwasser in connection with his extravagant, colourful pictures and exceptionally designed buildings.

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Just say THANKS!

Dear Kildwick Fans, anyone who has ever started their own business might know a thing or two about the sheer amount of work and problems that have come our way in the past weeks and months.

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Interview with Heidi and Bernd

Today we meet Heidi and Bernd, both in their prime, as well as their delightfully lively wire-haired dachshund Willi. For over 30 years the two (or three of them) have spent their weekends in their

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The right toilet paper

No matter whether you call a toilet, a dry toilet or even both your own - nothing works without toilet paper.

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Let´s talk about, 1 camper, 5 people, 16 days using the Kildwick separating toilet

Five fearless camping fans tour the south of England for a good two weeks. On board the camper van: the DIY version of the Kildwick separating toilet.

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How to create a compost pile correctly

If you have the opportunity to compost, then you should definitely do it. A compost pile isn’t too much work, and furthermore an incredible supplier of great free humus.

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