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  • Noctua performance fan - 12V / 0,6W / 0,05 Ampere 
  • robust gird made from stainless steel (V4A) covered on one side with 5mm PU-foam
  • very durable fitting for external exhaust pipping made from 3mm stainless steel (V4A)
  • screw-set for mounting 

Kildwick 12V Fan Kit

And here it comes, the counterpart to our Kildwick Fan Kit 5V. As always, the kit is complete with everything you need to equip your amazing composting dry toilet with a ventilation solution. The best part: you can add it to your Kildwick toilet from the get go - or decide to upgrade it later in time.

At the kit´s heart is a high-performance brand-name 12V fan of excellent quality. Originally designed as a computer cooler, it´s powerful, energy efficient, made for continuous use, and super quiet to boot. (We couldn´t resist the computing pun, but you seriously won´t be hearing it.)

This new fan of yours will need a power source - it could be the energy grid in your caravan, motorhome, camper van, or house boat; a child´s play due to its two-pole connector. The cables come with two ferrules so the terminal choice is entirely up to you: WAGO connectors, screw terminals, or something else - it works.

And you know us, here at Kildwick, we always go the extra mile to deliver real plug-and-play products. Thus, in addition to the fan, the kit includes everything you need to get the vent going.

There´s the very robust (and quite shapely) 3 mm V4A stainless steel adapter ring, with its diameter of 50 mm or 2" fit for international use. You can easily add exhaust venting any way you like or need it - simply use a standard vent pipe, and you´re good to go.

What else? The kit includes an inner ventilation grille. Needless to say, it´s also made of 1.5 mm V4A stainless steel (acid- and salt-resistant) padded with sturdy PU foam (5 mm thick). This foam adds an extra layer of protection to the fan cable that's already snugly covered in heavy-duty tape, making it less prone to cable rupture and other mechanical damage. Due to the foam layer, the fastening screws that are included in the kit can be tightened by hand.

Speaking of which: the screw set consists of three screws and three matching cap nuts made of V2A stainless steel - for maximum durability and stability. In case you want to tighten the screws more than just finger tight, you´ll need a PZ3 hex key.

By the way: whatever your use case, whether you want to install the fan right away with your new dry toilet or add it later, whether it´s for your Kildwick EasyLoo or for your DIY dry toilet - we´re happy to provide you with a free installation template.

And here's the kit contents at one glance:

• Noctua super-silent heavy-duty cooler, designed for non-stop use, 12V / 0.6 W / 0.5 amp
• sturdy inner ventilation grille, 1.5 mm V4A stainless steel, padded with 5 mm PU foam
• wear-resistant 3 mm V4A stainless steel adapter ring
• quality screw set

Well, we suppose now you're facing a luxury problem: will you DIY your toilet or buy a ready-made one?

Discover now the Kildwick DIY kits for compost toilets.
Or go this way to shop Kildwick ready-made compost toilets.

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