Kildwick Klassik urine separator / diverter for composting toilets white

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Features at a glance:

  • Fits all conventional toilet seats
  • robust material
  • washable surface
  • different installation options
  • Fits all conventional toilet seats
  • perfectly fitting add-ons
  • material: made out of easily washable, recyclable polystyrene

The urine separator for our composting toilets

The heart of Kildwick compost toilets is the separator that reliably splits urine and feces. It's designed to work well and cleanly for both men and women alike. Small or big business? Everything ends up in the right container. In addition you can also say good bye to unnecessary water consumption, because with Kildwick, everything works well - dry.

The separator is divided into two sections. The front part directs the liquid into the canisterbelow or, optionally, into a sewer pipe. With the "Kompact" model, you save yourself a complete separator and the solids fall into a containerwithout a protective edge. And also in terms of design, the separator is thoughtfully designed: Thanks to its raised lip, nothing can go wrong or overflow.
Our Kildwick separator "Klassik" for composting toilets is the best way to handle both businesses in separate ways.

Attention cleaning instructions:

All our dividers are made of recyclable polystyrene. Please do not use aggressive cleaners such as "Chlorix", spirit, power cleaner or acidic, solvent-based cleaners. These can attack the surface of the Kildwick separation insert and can lead to damage (depending on the amount of solvent in the cleaner). We recommend ecological or biological cleaners, such as "beeta" beetroot cleaners. Simply spray the divider with it and wipe it out with a tissue, kitchen roll or our recycable sponge cloth. You can also dispose it of immediately in the solid container.

Want to know how our separator is installed? Then check the installation instructions.

Our product video shows an overview of all variants of the Kildwick urine separator.

And want to know how strong our Urine Separator is? Then watch this video.

    Category: Urine Separator
    Item number: 1000100
    Colour‍: white
    Material‍: PS
    Shipping weight‍: 0,80 Kg
    Product weight‍: 0,57 Kg
    Dim. ( length width height )‍: 38,50 34,50 15,00 cm


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    5 from 5
    Great Product!

    We are so pleased with our Kildwick urine diverted. It looked exactly like the picture. It only did it come with a cutout template for easy installation, it also came with some cool stickers and a tote with a fun quote about composting with sawdust. 10 stars!

    ., 15.10.2019
    5 from 5
    Best there is

    Having done a lot of research over the past several years (and using the Klassic on our own composting toilet) I find Kildwick makes the best urine diverter on the market, hands down. Not only do they make a great product, but their customer service is second to none.

    ., 23.05.2020
    5 from 5
    The Urine Separator that seperates itself from the others...

    The Kildwich Klassik is a very nice product which lets users build a composting toilet which resembles a regular toilet very closely in the way it looks and operates.
    Obviously the way a composting style toilet works is very different from the operation of a water based toilet system but the look and feel should make people feel they can understand and use this product in one sitting. The product is light weight, durable, tough, easy to clean, intuitively easy to use and very easy to install.
    If you are planning a composting or dry toilet and like a professional looking toilet, consider the Kildwick Klassik since it takes the diy guesswork out of going potty...

    ., 10.07.2020
    Total entries: 3