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Composting toilets for caravans: convenient independence while travelling

Travelling means freedom - and with a caravan you embody this spirit in its purest form. To enjoy this freedom without restrictions, a self-sufficient and environmentally friendly sanitary solution is crucial. This is where our urine-diverting toilets come into play, offering you exactly that: Independence, environmental awareness and comfort on all your journeys.

What are the advantages of a composting toilet in a caravan:

  • Maximum independence: With a Kildwick urine-diverting toilet, you are no longer dependent on sanitary facilities at campsites or rest stops. You can enjoy the freedom to go wherever you like - whether it's on a remote beach, in the mountains or in the forest. Our urine-diverting toilets are completely waterless and chemical-free, allowing you to be completely self-sufficient in the great outdoors.
  • Environmentally friendly travelling: By avoiding the use of chemicals and minimising water consumption, you are actively helping to protect the environment. Especially when travelling in sensitive ecosystems, you are making an important contribution to the preservation of nature.

  • Easy and hygienic handling: The simple maintenance of our urine-diverting toilets makes them ideal for use when travelling. They are designed to be easy to clean and effectively contain odours. This ensures a pleasant and hygienic environment in your caravan, even on long journeys.

  • Space-saving efficiency: Every centimetre is precious in a caravan. Our urine-diverting toilets are designed to be compact and efficient so that they fit into small spaces without compromising on functionality. The intelligent collection systems allow you to travel long distances without having to think about emptying.

  • Comfort in a small space: Despite their compact size, our urine-diverting toilets offer remarkable comfort. An ergonomically designed seat and easy accessibility ensure that you feel almost at home when travelling.

  • Customised design: Your caravan is an expression of your personality, and that should also apply to your urine-diverting toilet. We offer various designs and customisation options to ensure that your toilet not only fits in practically, but also visually with your mobile home.

Advantages of a composting toilet while traveling

  • Environmentally friendly: No chemicals, no water consumption - your journey leaves a clean trail.
  • Independent: You decide where and when you stop, without having to rely on sanitary facilities.
  • Odour control: Innovative separation technology minimises odours and ensures a fresh indoor climate.
  • Low maintenance: easy emptying and cleaning saves time and effort.
  • Comfortable: A comfortable fit and attractive design make it a pleasure to use.
  • Customisable: choose the right model to suit your style and needs.

With a separating toilet from Kildwick, you are opting for a sustainable and convenient solution that supports your desire to travel and transforms your caravan into a truly self-sufficient oasis of well-being. Discover the freedom to explore the world without compromising on environmental awareness or comfort. Wherever your journey takes you, with Kildwick you'll be well equipped.

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