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How to clean a composting toilet: Our supplies for freshness

Have you wondered how to clean a composting toilet best? With our supplies a thorough cleaning is easy. We swear by our Kildwick bathroom cleaner that uses oxalic acid from beetroot to remove dirt from your composting toilet ecologically and leaves nothing but hygiene and freshness. Furthermore, we offer our compostable waste bags to put into the solids tank, and miscanthus litter that soaks up liquids from the solids and thus prevents odors.


“Flushing” the composting toilet: A spray of vinegar-water or beetroot detergent after use

Obviously, you cannot flush Kildwick’s composting toilets like a regular WC as they function without any water. Nevertheless, it makes sense to rinse after peeing — with one or two sprays from a spray bottle filled with vinegar-water (1:1) or Kildwick bathroom cleaner with beetroot. So, no bacteria or splashes of urine can adhere to the urine diverter. Also, it prevents urine deposits.

By the way, please do not flush your Kildwick composting toilet with water. The scale in the water can cause urine deposits to appear on the urine diverter and the urine canister.


How to clean a composting toilet: Empty and clean regularly to prevent urine odors

When you use and clean Kildwick’s composting toilets, you should consider a few rules that help to prevent any urine smells.

First, we suggest emptying the urine container at least every two days. If Urine reacts with oxygen, unpleasant-smelling ammonia develops. Furthermore, you can seal the urine container in most of our models with our spillguard kit. With it, less oxygen enters the urine container and ammonia develops a few days later. 

Our favorite tip against urine odors comes from one of our customers: After cleaning the urine container, you can put one tablespoon of vinegar into the empty container. It will neutralize any smells.


How to clean a composting toilet: Rinse your urine container properly

The urine container of your composting toilet can be cleaned every time after you empty it. You can rinse it with water. Then, towel it well or let it dry completely, before you put it into your composting toilet again.

If you want to clean your urine container thoroughly, mix hot water with vinegar, put it into your urine container and let it sit for a couple of hours, until you rinse it well. 


How to clean a composting toilet and urine diverter

If you use a spray of vinegar-water or Kildwick bathroom cleaner to rinse every time after you go to the toilet, you will only need to do the basic cleaning once in a while. This works especially well with a damp cloth and a mild detergent, as our urine diverters do not have any nooks or corners. You should wipe the bottom side of your urine diverter and the drain, too.


How to clean a composting toilet with citric acid or vinegar

Next to our Kildwick bathroom cleaner, you can use any detergent without chloride, softeners, high percentage of acid or scrubbing agents, as they could damage the material of the urine diverter.

Instead, homemade detergents containing vinegar or liquid citric acid work really well. They are cheap, environmentally-friendly and clean effectively. You should mix it with water 1:1. However, we advise against the usage of vinegar essence and granulated citric Acid.

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