Kildwick - environmentally sustainable dishwashing liquid 0.5 liter

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+ 9,90 €
+ 9,90 €
+ 9,90 € (19,80 € per 1 l)
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technical data


- raw material: beet extract

- free from fragrances and preservatives

- purely natural basis, 100% vegan

Length 10,00 cm
Width 8,00 cm
Height 22,00 cm

- natural cleaning through oxalic Acid

- hygienic shine without chemicals

- very good skin compatibility

- for surfaces of all kinds

Item weight: 0,52  kg

Shipping weight: 0,77 kg

Despite natural ingredients, keep out

of reach of children and pets. Not suitable

for drinking and must not come into contact

with eyes and mucous membranes.

Kildwick - environmentally sustainable dishwashing liquid 0.5 liter

beeta washing-up liquid

beeta ecological dishwashing liquid made out of beetroot will help you see red in a far more relaxed way thanks to a combination of clean crockery and a clean conscience!
Whether we´re away on a camping holiday or at home, we all have one thing in common: washing up! But with our ecological detergent, doing the dishes is child’s play, for beeta effortlessly ensures clean results. Whether you´re washing up sensitive glasses, greasy pans or dirty cutlery, your dishes will be hygienically clean without any harm being done to them or the environment thanks to its purely vegetable-based ingredients. Freshness and cleanliness can be so easy!
Beeta´s ground-breaking grease-dissolving formula is based on high-quality, environmentally friendly surfactants. And beeta won´t only make your dishes shine - it´ll make you shine, too, for it´s particularly mild on your hands. It goes without saying that the purely natural formula contains no fragrances, dyes or preservatives, so no chemical residue is left on your dishes. In addition, beeta washing-up liquid is extremely user-friendly and economical. It might sound odd for something made out of beetroot, but it´s totally green!
Our reliable washing-up liquid comes in a practical 0.5-litre bottle.

Directions for use:

Add one or two splashes (approximately 4–6ml) to 8 litres of water. After washing dishes, place them vertically and leave them to drain.

Washing up has never been so eco-friendly or easy!
Fancy seeing even more red? Then check out beeta´s other great cleaning products. Both our bathroom and shower cleaner and our hand soap contain concentrated beetroot power!
Why is beeta washing-up liquid so effective? It´s all down to the constituents of the beetroot used to make it. Beetroot may not seem especially cool, but it has high levels of oxalic acid, a substance which occurs naturally in all sorts of herbs and vegetables. The amazing cleaning effect of this natural acid might not be as familiar as that of citric acid (at least, not yet!), but it´s already being used in several areas. And in beeta dishwashing liquid, beetroot´s cleaning powers are enhanced by the addition of natural surfactants such as sugar surfactants.
Don´t worry - beeta cleaning agents don´t stain. True, beetroot juice normally has a strong staining effect, but here the juice is reliably neutralized by organic acids.
Our beeta cleaning agents are produced using sustainable principles combining excellent cleaning power with high ecological standards. No ecotoxicologically harmful ingredients whatsoever are added. By the way, the beetroot used in beeta detergents comes from an organic farm in north-east Germany.


Although beeta cleaning agents are made entirely out of natural ingredients, never allow them to fall into the hands of unattended children. Always keep cleaning products out of the reach of children and pets. Avoid contact with mucous membranes and eyes, and do not swallow. Using these products economically is another way to help the environment.

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