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Dry toilet: Our selection for your independence

From PiccoLoo to FancyLoo Capture: Here you can find dry toilets for every requirement and every need. Be close to nature with our models in different sizes. With or without a fan, as HYDRO version, pre-assembled or as a DIY kit: All our dry toilets bring comfort to every one of your adventures.


Dry toilet types available at Kildwick

The dry toilet types available at Kildwick differ mostly in size as well as in their designated area of use. At Kildwick you will surely find the right model for you. We have dry toilets for campers, for festivals, for your garden or even for your home, as pre-built models or as a DIY kit. At the moment, we offer you the following dry toilet types in different variations:


MiniLoo: small box-sized dry toilet with HYDRO Option

Small, slim and pretty smart: The MiniLoo is so small and slim that it fits into every niche and therefore is suited perfectly as a dry toilet for campers. You can even set it up in a wetroom and use it as a shower seat, if you choose the HYDRO version  made of waterproof MDF.
With the MiniLoo dry toilet you can stay independent for longer, because it has larger disposal intervals than the Micro- or the PiccoLoo. The MiniLoo is available as a ready-to-use dry toilet or as a DIY kit. Furthermore, you can choose options with or without a fan.

Dry toilet MicroLoo: Fits perfectly into VW California T5 and T6

Those two simply belong together: Our MicroLoo is the only dry toilet on the market that fits exactly into the box underneath the sink of the VW California T5 and the T6. That makes the MicroLoo the perfect alternative for the PortaPotti 335 and the ideal model if you want to switch from chemical to ecological toilet.
As a plus, we offer you the Mounting Kit: A floor plate that helps you to store away your dry toilet neatly. The MicroLoo is available as a DIY kit or as a ready-to-use compost toilet.

PiccoLoo: The smallest dry toilet for vans and micro-camper

Our smallest loo for big adventures: If everything else is too big, then there is still enough space for the compact PiccoLoo that measures 2 cm less in height than our MicroLoo. So, it fits almost everywhere. For example, in bigger cars like the VW Caddy: With the PiccoLoo, you can convert it into a micro-camper and enjoy real adventures. The PiccoLoo also works very well in Vans.

Our classic dry toilet: The EasyLoo for camper, campervan, tiny house and allotments

Our EasyLoo dry toilet has a standard toilet seat made of bamboo — so, you will sit on the EasyLoo as comfortably as on a regular WC.
Our classic dry toilet is suited for campers, allotments or tiny houses. You can assemble the EasyLoo yourself with our DIY Kits or you can buy it as a pre-built version. Additionally, you can choose to equip it with a 5 V or 12 V fan. 

Luxury dry toilet: the FancyLoo for RV and home

Minimalist design meets exclusive finish: The FancyLoo is our luxury dry toilet that satisfies every wish. You can purchase the pre-built dry toilet in two versions: Capture or Divert and can choose the color, too. The premium dry toilet fits in RVs and tiny houses as well as in allotments or even your home.

Dry toilet DIY: Our FreeLoo DIY-Kit

You like building up your camper and would like to challenge a new project? Then try building your own dry toilet! Next to our DIY kits for MicroLoo, PiccoLoo, MiniLoo and EasyLoo we offer you the FreeLoo: This DIY kit includes canister, container and urine diverter and gives you the maximum of freedom and flexibility in construction: So you can create your individual version of a dry toilet.

HappyLoo: dry toilet for camping

Our happy Loo camping toilet is a dry toilet, but not a dry separation toilet like our other models, as urine and solids are not collected separately. Nevertheless, our Happy Loo is extremely handy! The camping toilet is made of cardboard, can be moved wherever you need it and can be set up and disassembled very quickly. It is exactly the right thing for festivals, camping and trekking. For the HappyLoo, we offer an environment-friendly refill set.


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