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Your camping toilet for every adventure

Sustainable on the road

Having your own toilet is worth its weight in gold - especially when travelling. But not all toilets are the same. The camping toilet itself can quickly become an adventure. If you have ever been in a camper or van with a chemical toilet, you know what we are talking about. You have to plan stops at disposal stations on your route and the emptying is - let's say it very carefully - a visual and olfactory challenge that everyone is happy to avoid. Last but not least, the sanitary fluids used in such toilets to kill germs and speed up the breakdown of feces and toilet paper are absolute chemical cocktails. These harm the environment and consume huge amounts of water when they are processed in the sewage treatment plant. So it's high time to throw the chemical toilet in the camper or van overboard (in a figurative sense, of course ;-)

Our camping toilets are based on the clever dry separation principle and do not require any chemicals or water. This means that you are independent on your travels and still hygienically clean on the go. And the environment is happy too.

You can find out exactly how our mobile urine-diverting toilets work, how to use and empty them (the crucial questions!) here. Everything is very easy - we can reveal that much.

How the camping toilet works

Separate ways

Our camping toilets separate urine and solids

Camping toilets without chemicals and water - is that even possible? Yes! This is made possible by the clever separation principle. The excretions – urine and solids – are collected separately. This is done with a special separating insert - the separator. In the front area of the camping toilet, it drains liquids into the urine canister below. The solids fall into the rear bin which is lined with a leak-proof and tear-resistant Kildwick bio-garbage liner. This is where you dispose of the toilet paper.

A dry topic

With our camping toilet you save a lot of water

Compared to many other camping toilets, our mobile separation toilets do not require any water at all - this makes you more independent on your travels. So you save several liters per trip to the toilet and thus the need to take fresh water with you for flushing; this means you have less weight on board your camper. And ultimately you are doing the environment a big favour, because water is a valuable commodity.

Odor free

Your nose will also benefit from a chemical-free camping toilet

Separating urine and solids in two separate containers prevents the putrefaction process that normally creates unpleasant odors. A bit of bedding after the big deal also draws out the remaining liquid from the solids. With proper handling, you can keep your camping toilet almost odor-free. However, since nature is known to make its own rules, we unfortunately cannot guarantee absolute freedom from odours. Warmer temperatures in particular or unfavorable ventilation can occasionally lead to a slight build-up of odours.

  • Use enough bedding to dry the solids. A handful before going to the toilet and enough litter to cover up after going to the toilet are necessary to prevent unwanted odors in the solids container.
  • Regardless of how full it is, we recommend that you empty the urine canister in your camping toilet every two days at the latest, especially in warmer temperatures.
  • Minimize the flow of air into the urine canister - the more oxygen that comes into contact with urine, the more it starts to smell bad. With the Kildwick Spillguard Kit you are on the safe side: the stopper is inserted into the urine drain of the divider insert from above; below, the special spillguard lid with its silicone lip encloses both the urine canister opening and the urine drain of the divider insert. In addition to reliable odor protection, the Spillguard Kit also offers you secure leak protection if things get a little bumpy on the ride.
  • If you want to drain the urine into an external container with a drain hose, install the Kildwick stainless steel siphon between the divider and the hose. As with a conventional siphon, the remaining liquid forms a barrier against rising odours.
  • After using the toilet, a spray of Kildwick Beetroot Bathroom Cleaner or a squirt of vinegar (diluted 1 to 1 with water) on the part of the divider that drains urine can further help neutralize odors. A tablespoon of vinegar directly into the urine canister - both after use and after cleaning the container - minimizes the odor of the urine.
  • We recommend our optional housing ventilation, which drives even the last unpleasant breeze out of your camping toilet, for particularly sensitive sleuths. Whether 5V or 12V fan - both Kildwick fan sets can be retrofitted at any time and are absolutely economical power consumers.

Assembly and use of your camping toilete

Das EasyLoo - Unser beliebtestes Modell und ideale Gartentoilette

MicroLoo – California Dreamin‘

Kildwick's new portable toilet for your VW bus: The MicroLoo - your biological alternative to portable chemical toilets - perfectly fitting for the toilet compartment of the VW T5/T6 California.

Disposal and cleaning of your camping toilet

Environmental benefits of your camping toilet

Our camping toilets do not need water or chemicals

With our chemical-free camping toilet, you are opting for a sustainable solution for your camper or van. By doing without environmentally harmful substances, such as those used in conventional mobile chemical toilets, you make an important contribution to environmental protection. In addition, you save a lot of drinking water and thus protect valuable resources - including your wallet.

The materials in our camping toilet are renewable and recyclable

We are uncompromisingly economical right from the production stage. We mainly use renewable raw materials such as birch plywood, bamboo, miscanthus and cellulose as well as recyclable materials - apart from smaller accessories such as glue and nails that provide the necessary stability. The plastics used for the separating insert and the collection containers impress with their purity and can be processed in the material cycle without any major loss of quality. The Kildwick organic bin liners that line the solid waste bin are fully compostable. When working together, we also rely on suppliers and partners from our region.

The cleaning of your camping toilet is also sustainable

We have developed our reliable Kildwick organic cleaner so that not only the use but also the cleaning of your camping toilet is environmentally friendly. Without chemicals and exclusively with the power of purely natural ingredients that are biodegradable, our beetroot bathroom cleaner scores in terms of the environment as well as in terms of cleanliness. Our compostable sponge cloths, which are made from 100% renewable raw materials, provide support for your mobile urine-diverting toilet.

Compost and fertilizer - your camping toilet can do even more

Even if it's not that important for you when travelling: the residues from a camping toilet without chemicals can also be composted. If you also have a garden in addition to your camper/van life, you can make the cycle of nature a really round thing. Diluted with water, urine can be used to make an excellent fertilizer for plants. And the solids can be processed into useful humus on the compost heap. As you can see: as a garden toilet, your camping toilet can do even more...

All advantages of the KILDWICK camping toilet at a glance

  • works without water and chemicals
  • Can be used anywhere: mobile and stationary
  • makes you self-sufficient and independent
  • 100% eco-friendly

  • comfortable like a normal toilet
  • easy handling
  • uncomplicated disposal
  • No odors as urine and solids are collected separately

The right camping toilet for you

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You rarely travel?

Our simple HappyLoo camping toilet makes it easy for you

Our HappyLoo camping toilet is perfect for anyone looking for a simple alternative when out and about - whether camping, hiking, fishing or as a "last resort" for families with small children. The lightweight cardboard (1.6 kg) is extremely stable (can be loaded up to 120 kg), is easy to transport and is ready for use or folded up again in no time at all. The HappyLoo also does without water and chemicals; Urine and solids will

The 1 liter straw pellets included in the scope of delivery are sufficient for approx. 4 to 5 liters of liquid, the 1 liter bedding is sufficient for approx. 20 large stores. You will also receive three compostable solid bags.

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