Our values and us

The Kildwick team
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We admit that we are not perfect but we are authentic. We make decisions with our heart and gut too – fast growth and world-domination is not our focus. We actually only want one thing and that is that everything we do should make sense. Our values ​​shouldn't just sound good on paper, instead we want to live them every day. Last but not least, there must be a little bit of fun – always.

icon together


There is a lot that connects us in the team as well as with partners and customers. Humanity comes first. This means that we have fun with ‘things’ as well as with people. We stand by our weaknesses and mistakes and use them as an opportunity to do better next time. We value open, honest communication and interact respectfully. It’s best to do things at eye-level anyway so that no one has to bend or make themselves taller.

icon solution-oriented


Our goal is to find the best possible solutions that make your life easier - everywhere. We are passionate about what we do and we have fun doing it because that's what it takes to remain creative. Improvements should not be an end in themselves, but above all, they should make sense. We think about needs in the truest sense of the word: our toilets are extremely practical in all their details and at the same time they offer only what is essential. No frills and all-round clear cut.

icon sustainable


We don’t use sustainability just as a USP. For us, sustainable products are really a better solution because they are thought of holistically. Our toilets are an ecological alternative to chemical toilets as well as to conventional toilets, and they are made in Germany from the most environmentally friendly materials possible. We are idealistic at heart and realistic in implementation: that means we don't always do everything right, but we always do our best and talk openly about it. We know that nobody can save the world alone but, hey - together we can achieve a lot. We think this is a pretty good start and we must all start somewhere.

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