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Your portable toilet, without chemicals and ready to use anywhere

Camping & Vanlife

Sustainable on the road

Having your own toilet is worth its weight in gold - especially when travelling. But not all toilets are the same. The camping toilet itself can quickly become an adventure. If you have ever been in a camper or van with a chemical toilet, you know what we are talking about. You have to plan stops at disposal stations on your route and the emptying is - let's say it very carefully - a visual and olfactory challenge that everyone is happy to avoid.

Garden & Allotment

You want your garden to be your home? So you need a Kildwick composting toilet..

Your garden means everything to you? But there is one problem: According to the law you are not allowed to install a water toilet in your garden. Here is your solution - a composting toilet from Kildwick. The dry separation principle allows you to save valuable water with every use and enable you to compost your faeces directly in the garden.