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Composting toilet supplies: Everything you need to use your composting toilet

We have everything you need for your composting toilet. The most important composting toilet supplies are waste bags and litter. Next to that, we offer everything from wood glue to urine containers for upgrading your composting toilet. For example leather handles, our 5 V fan or a solar panel that produces the energy for your fan off-grid. Of course, you can also find composting toilet supplies for cleaning in this category. 



Composting toilet supplies: These are the must-haves

To start using your composting toilet, a few things are essential. The must-haves of compost toilet supplies are:  

  • litter: A layer of litter belongs into the solids tank before the first and after every use. We recommend Miscanthus because it absorbs liquids very well.
  • tearproof waste bags: You put them into your solids tank before you use your composting toilet. Depending on the size of your composting toilet, we offer waste bags with a 10 l or 30 l capacity.
  • Kildwick bathroom cleaner: After peeing, you should rinse the urine diverter with a splash from a spray bottle filled with vinegar-water or our beetroot bathroom cleaner.
  • spillguard kit: It closes the urine canister airtight. The spillguard kit fits into almost all of our models and is perfect to prevent leaking and any odors.


Composting toilet supplies for cleaning and care

A properly used composting toilet is as hygienic as a regular WC. If you want it to stay that way, you have to consider a few things when cleaning your composting toilet. We offer you exactly the right composting toilet supplies for a thorough cleaning, like our mild Kildwick bathroom cleaner and our compostable sponge cloths.


Composting toilet supplies: containers and tanks

If you want to build your own composting toilet from scratch, you need various compost toilet equipment. Among the most important are urine containers and solids tanks in the right size — for example our space-saving 5 l urine container. If you want to have an additional container or tank, you will find what you are looking for here, too.


Composting toilet supplies for upgrading your composting toilet

From leather handles to mounting kit: Here you can find the composting toilet supplies you need to make your Kildwick composting toilet even better. Whether you want to upgrade your toilet with a 5V or 12V fan later on, use the spillguard kit or buy a cushion to transform your composting toilet into an additional seating: Our composting toilet supplies for upgrading offer you everything you need.

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