Why Kildwick?

Five real good Reasons
Five real good Reasons

Made in Germany

Take a seat, we can assure you that we work with suppliers and partners from our region. Short distances and close relationships pay off. That's why producers from all over Saxony and the rest of Germany can count on us and we count on them. Our separator inserts, solids buckets and canisters are manufactured in Germany and the wood for our dry toilets receives its finishing touches with a laser in Leipzig. We love local – from start to finish.

Quality is everything

We make sure that what belongs together stays together. No exceptions. We very carefully select the materials we use. Our commitment to quality always comes first. Our materials help ensure many years of happy use: from German glue, galvanized and stainless-steel nails, to hinges with an 4A quality rating that are resistant to salt and acid. Our commitment is quality you can rely on.

Conserving our resources

Sustainable products are always the best solution for us, and this applies to every step of the way. Kildwick composting toilets do not require any water. Our commitment to sustainability starts at the production stage. We only use recyclable materials and renewable raw materials, including wood, miscanthus and cellulose. The plastic we use can be recycled without affecting the quality. And this is how we close the loop.

Simple but sleek

Our dry toilets are extremely practical, and our sleek design is reduced to the essentials. Our products and solutions are very well thought-out and needs-oriented – simply put, they make life easier. We always have an ear for your comments and suggestions. These help us evolve constantly and inspire us to develop new and better products. Minimalist in design meets masterful form.

Leading the way

We lead by example for the world’s best composting toilet. Necessity is the mother of invention. So, we say proudly that we were the first to develop a kit for all DIY enthusiasts as well as the magnetic toilet seat for extreme hygiene fans. The leakage and odor protection Spillguard Kit and the siphon for externally draining dry toilets, made their debut with Kildwick. Ok, now that deserves a high five!

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