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Portable toilet equipment that makes your composting toilet even better

Here you can find everything to upgrade your composting toilet. Whether you want to expand the lifespan of your HappyLoo by getting the RefillSet, equip your urine canister with the spillguard kit or outfit your casing with a 5V fan that is powered off-grid by a solar module: With Kildwick’s portable toilet equipment, you make your composting toilet even better.


Portable toilet equipment to prevent odors: The difference between siphon and spillguard kit

Our spillguard kit is our favorite portable toilet equipment, as it does not only prevent leaking, but its airtight cap also helps to let less oxygen enter the urine container. This way, unpleasant-smelling ammonia only develops after a few days. The spillguard kit is mounted inside your composting toilet on top of the urine container.

If you do not collect the urine inside your composting toilet but use an external drainage or container like our FancyLoo Divert, the siphon works best for you to prevent any odors.

By the way, both our products cannot be combined. 

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