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Urine diverter: The most important component for composting toilets

Here you can find the most important part to build your own composting toilet: the urine diverter. With the help of this tool, urine and solids can be collected separately. We offer you three different types of urine separator: The urine diverter classic, compact and classic XL. All our models fit perfectly underneath a standard toilet seat.


Kildwick urine diverter: The difference between our models

If you want to build your own composting toilet, you will need a urine separator to collect solids and urine separately.
At Kildwick you can choose between the urine diverter classic, the urine diverter compact and the urine diverter classic XL. Our models are made of solid high-class polystyrene with a high-gloss surface that is very easy to clean and thus very hygienic. The urine diverters are available in black and white. But what exactly is the difference between them?

The urine diverter compact is suited for stationary compost toilets with a compost pit and urinals. The urine diverter classic is perfect for every DIY composting toilet and the urine diverter classic XL offers greatest flexibility when you plan and build your own composting toilet.

Always a good choice: Our classic urine diverter

Our classic is the urine diverter classic, which is perfect for all types of DIY compost toilets. In the front it has a small opening, through which the urine is diverted. In the rear area an opening for the solids is located. This opens up like a pipe and is long enough to almost reach the solids container — this guarantees that the inside of your compost toilet stays clean all the time.

Small, but oh my! Our urine diverter compact

Our urine diverter compact is our smallest separator. It is installed in the front area of the compost toilet and has an opening that diverts the urine. In the rear, it does not have a border, so that solids fall directly into the solids container or into a compost pit. Therefore, our urine diverter compact is suited best if you want to use it in a stationary compost toilet with a compost pit or if you want to use it as an urinal.

Greatest flexibility and hygiene with the urine diverter classic XL

Big, bigger, urine diverter classic XL: The border of the urine diverter classic XL is so big that it covers the whole seating area of the composting toilet with plastic. This makes the separator really hygienic, because there are no edges that germs could attach to. It also makes the diverter really easy to clean.

Furthermore, the urine diverter classic XL offers you more flexibility when building your own compost toilet, because you can cut the framed border into an individual measurement. Of course, the urine diverter classic XL has two openings to collect urine and solids separately and cleanly.

Apropos: At Kildwick, we are totally satisfied with the urine diverter classic XL. That is why we equipped all our pre-built compost toilets and the DIY-Kits with it. Due to the completely closed plastic surface of the urine separator you can go to the toilet in the most hygienic way.

Plastic urine diverter: Extremely hygienic and easy to clean

Our urine diverters are made of environment-friendly ABS-plastic that can be recycled. It has a smooth and glossy surface that makes it difficult for bacteria and germs to adhere. Cleaning the urine diverters is easy, because they are constructed without any angles and edges. We suggest to flush the urine separator with a spray of vinegar-water after use. Thus, there is no chance for debris!

To prevent any odors, our urine diverters and the spillguard kit are a real dream team: The special lid does not only prevent the urine canister from leaking, but also seals the canister so that the urine does not react with oxygen quickly. Therefore, unpleasant-smelling ammoniac develops only after a few days. Nevertheless, we recommend to empty the urine canister every two days.

External urine diverter: Build your own drainage-solution

When you build your own composting toilet, you have all the flexibility you need. So, instead of capturing the urine in a canister, you can also divert the urine to an external source like containers or a waste disposal system. This leads to larger disposal intervals and gives you even more independence. You can build your own external drainage with all of our Urine diverters.


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