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Urine Separator XL Black

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technical data


- Separator: ABS plastic

Length 48,00 cm
Width 48,00 cm
Height 15,00 cm

- approx. 3mm material thickness

- high gloss finish

- 100% recyclable

- impact resistant

Item weight: 1,10  kg

Shipping weight: 1,10 kg

- Cleaning with Kildwick Beetroot Cleaner

- do not use cleaners containing solvents

- no wear and tear with careful care

Urine Separator XL Black

The Urine Separator XL — the choice for custom solutions

The basic principle of the dry toilet is in the separation of solids and liquids, at the source. It’s the bowl (also called the insert) that enables for a separate collection and thus is actually the heart of this system.

The separate collection leaves it up to you to decide whether you want to effortlessly dispose of the waste or process/ compost it. Water is out of the equation here, thus contributing to saving this valuable resource.

The sky’s the limit when working with the XL separator. No other urine diverter for dry toilets offers as many options for custom design. 

Why it's special

Number one or number two — the urine separator is built to correctly divide. And yes, it works equally well for men and women.

What sets the Kildwick Separator XL apart from other urine diverter for dry toilets? Well, a lot:

  • Customize your DIY dry toilet to the maximum:
    • Install as is or trim for perfect fit.
    • Robust material with a consistent thickness. Check out the crash test.
    • Install it on a panel/ board of your choice from the top or from the bottom.
    • The sawing template (included in delivery) allows for precision cutting.
    • Can be fastened by screws using a sharp drill and low rotation. 
    • Can be glued using an adhesive for design floors (available in hardware stores).
    • Once installed, works with any standard toilet seat. 
  • The smooth surface on both sides gives germs no chance. 
  • Its raised profile prevents spillage/ overflowing.
  • Effortless to clean due to its highly smooth surfaces.
  • Disposing of the high-quality separator insert made of recyclable polystyrene (at the end of its life cycle) produces no hazardous waste, by contrast to its fiberglass equivalents. 

Learn more about the differences between fiberglass and polystyrene on the blog.
If you’re uncertain about which material to choose, it will help.

Suitable for

  • creative hobby crafters and dry toilet users who 
    • want to DIY a separation toilet
    • need a maximum of options for their design
    • want to get really creative with their DIY dry toilet 
  • mind the urine diverters end of lifecycle and don’t want to produce hazardous waste
  • prefer easy-to-clean surfaces
  • prefer to not give germs any chance 
  • Families with small children looking to build an additional toilet for their homes
  • Owners of mini campers, vans, boats, allotments, tiny houses, or kindergarten/ day care providers.

You are still not sure whether this is the one and only suitable urine diverter for you? Then check out our product video. It shows an overview of the three different models we offer.


Get your toilet construction ready for use with our bamboo toilet seat.

The Stainless Steel Siphon or the Spillguard Kit — fitted between the diverter and the urine container — provides leak and odor protection for bumpy roads.

To prevent odors from developing in the first place, use an adequate amount of cover material after each use.

Should you still notice unpleasant odors, retrofit your composting toilet with our 5V or 12V fan set. The former may even be charged via the solar panel.

DIYing a separation toilet completely from scratch is not very you?
That’s fine!
Check out our DIY Kits – they offer eco-savvy sanitation solutions for nearly any scenario.

Maybe you prefer a ready-to-use solution altogether? Then take a look at the assembled composting toilets.

Cleaning and care instructions

To ensure the longevity of the insert, never use aggressive cleaners that contain acids or solvents. These can corrode and damage the urine separator’s surface.

Instead, we encourage using our Beetroot Cleaner and our Compostable Sponge Cloth. Both are eco-alternatives to conventional cleaning products.

Questions & answers

You’ve got questions about our diverter for dry toilets? For assembly notes and templates, please have a look at our support section. For further advice, check out our FAQ.

And of course, you are very welcome to send your questions via e-mail to

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