Solids Tanks & Urine Containers

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Safe and hygienic storage: Compost toilet urine container and solids tanks

Urine and solids are hygienically collected and stored safely in our compost toilet urine containers and solids tanks made of durable plastic. Here you can find solids tanks with a volume of 5,5 l, 9,5 lor 16 l for your DIY composting toilet or as backup. Furthermore, we offer you the compost toilet urine container with a volume of 9,5 l as well as the space-saving compost toilet urine container 5 l. Both containers are equipped with a practical hoop that makes them easy to transport. 


Compost toilet urine container with wide neck and lid: handy for disposal

Our compost toilet urine containers have a wide neck and a lid that comes in handy when the container is about to be emptied. The lid can be screwed on for the transportation to the disposal point, so the contents will not splash out.

While the compost toilet urine container is inside the casing, the lid cannot be screwed on, as the outlet of the urine diverter reaches into the urine container.

The lid can be stored inside the composting toilet, so it will not get lost.

Our solids tanks have a lid, too. Nevertheless, it is not suited as a permanent privacy screen inside the composting toilet, as the lid inhibits the drying process of the solids.

The solids tank lid comes in handy when your tank is full, but there is no disposal point. Then you can put in a new solids tank, while the full tank is stored airtight and odorless until you find a possibility for disposal.  

Emptying compost toilet urine container: What happens to urine inside a composting toilet?

The urine inside a composting toilet is collected separately from the solids inside a compost toilet urine container. We recommend emptying it at least every two days. 

You can empty the compost toilet urine container into a regular WC or can use it — diluted with water— as a fertilizer for your garden.

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