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Compost toilets by Kildwick: Buy pre-built models or DIY compost toilets

Living your freedom is easy when you use a compost toilet by Kildwick. It works without any chemicals, water and off the grid. Using a compost toilet contributes to the environment — in a very comfortable and hygienic way. Compared to a chemical toilet, you will have to empty the compost toilet less frequently and can dispose of the contents more easily.

On the road with your camper, in your allotment or inside your tiny house: Here at Kildwick you will find the compost toilet that fits you and your needs! You can choose a pre-built compost toilet, so you can use it immediately, or our range of DIY kits, so you can construct your model yourself.


What is a compost toilet and how does it work?

Compost toilets are environmentally-friendly toilets that work without any water. Compost toilets function in a very easy way: When you go to the toilet, urine and solids are collected separately. This works due to the help of a urine separator. Beneath it, a urine canister and a solids tank are located.

After usage, compost toilets are almost odorless, because the solids in the inside are beginning to dry. As urine and solids are kept separately, this process works pretty fast. Additionally, after every usage you put a layer of litter into the solids tank. The litter soaks up any moisture and thus binds odors.

The compost toilet is used sitting on it, like on a regular toilet. You can dispose of the toilet paper in the solids tank.

What to do with compost toilet waste

The compost toilet waste is easily disposed of: The contents of the solids tank go into the household waste or you can compost them. The urine canister can be drained into a toilet or you can dilute the urine and use it as a fertilizer in your garden.

The best compost toilet for you

Our compost toilets become handy in caravans and mobile homes, in VW buses and other campers. They are suited for allotments, tiny homes or even your home. Depending on the model, you can move the compost toilet wherever you need it or put it into a fixed place. At Kildwick, you do not only find the best compost toilet for you, but also can choose if you want a model that is already assembled or if you want to construct your compost toilet yourself.

Compost toilets by Kildwick: perfectly well-thought-out systems

Here at Kildwick you can buy compost toilets that have already been assembled for you. Our pre-built models are ideal if you are looking for a well-thought-out product that works immediately. You do not have to worry about complicated hookups, instead you can enjoy the comfort and the freedom to have your own toilet with you all the time.

Compost toilet DIY kit for Camper

Instead of buying an already constructed model, you can also choose a cheaper compost toilet DIY kit in the same quality. This is exactly what DIY-fans with a little time and workmanship need: The construction is easy and a lot of fun. While building your compost toilet, you can already make individual adaptations for your camper. And in the end, you will look at your finished project with pride.

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